• Retire At 55
    Construction sector is in decline. New entrants don't find the construction attractive as a career option. This decline will impact on productivity and impact negatively on the housing crisis. Improvement in pension conditions is important to reverse this sectors decline.
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    Created by Andrew Keegan
  • Retire at 55 for construction sector
    In order to retain skills and attract new entrants to the construction sector and avoid labour shortage caused by physical nature off construction work, a reduced pension time is needed as a basic benefit, otherwise it will impact on productivity, send the sector into decline and impact further on the housing crisis. Most construction workers start work as teenagers 10 years ahead of most sectors but, but only 1 in 5 make it to 65.
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    Created by Andrew Keegan
  • Outlaw automatic renewal of subscriptions
    Most of us have been caught out by the payment of subscriptions which were automatically renewed because we forgot to cancel them. Subscriptions should only be renewed if we specifically request that they be.
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    Created by Tom Kelly
  • Ann Hodges International Meteorite Awareness Day
    On November 30, 1954, 34-year-old Ann Elizabeth Fowler Hodges (Alabama), was struck by a meteorite while sleeping. Ann Hodges became the first and possibly only human being to have been reliably recorded as having been hit by a meteorite. This event may not appear to be of great significant, but it provides the backdrop for a United Nations Day to recognise the important role that meteorites and cosmic collisions in general have played in the evolution of our planet and ourselves. Just as one collision changed Ann Hodges world, countless collisions have shaped our world.
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    Created by Sean Taylor
  • A memorial to the Howard Family
    It will be the 50th anniversary of this awful tragedy in March 2024. It is only right and proper that there is a memorial erected in memory of this lovely family.
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    Created by Linda O'Reilly
  • Save The Cobblestone!
    A planning proposal by Marron Estates Ltd to build a 114 bed hotel on top of and surrounding The Cobblestone Pub in Smithfield will destroy one of the city’s finest cultural centres. For decades, The Cobblestone has been a centre of Irish music, signing clubs, dance classes, historical talks and events and the promotion of international culture in Dublin's north inner city. Dublin is being overrun with hotels and student accommodation that add nothing to the cultural life of the city. It is Dublin City Council’s policy to 'lead the cultural development of the city" and "to protect and enhance Dublin city's cultural infrastructure.” The Cobblestone is a key part of the city’s heritage and cultural infrastructure and should be protected not destroyed, or made unviable by the building of yet another hotel. This proposal conflicts with the Council’s policy and should be opposed. Please sign the petition and help save The Cobblestone and protect Dublin's culture and heritage. https://planning.agileapplications.ie/dublincity/application-details/146422
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    Created by Stew Red
  • Secular Public Holiday
    This is an opportunity to acknowledge the wrongs perpuated by our State and those to whom it sub-contracted its responsibilities.
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    Created by Tomas O'Dubhlaoich
  • St Brigid's Day for the new bank holiday
    Celebrate our female saint with a day off for all the amazing health workers and the rest of us!
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    Created by Marie Roche
  • Recognising the Irish Security Sector
    While thousands in the public sector continue to rightfully stage protests and demand fair treatment, compensation for their collective efforts and hard work throughout the pandemic, and much deserved recognition, thousands in the private Security (Static Security Officers, Patrol Drivers, Camera Operators, Retail Officers, Door Guards) remain vastly under- appreciated and unrecognised. At the height of the pandemic employers were quick to send out official letters explaining how all of their security officers and employees were in fact essential front line staff. Yet aside from making sure workers reported for duty unimpeded by government sanctioned lock downs, security officers have not been allotted the respect and treatment befitting of a front line worker, despite having continued to work uninterrupted through the Covid pandemic. Those of us in the security sector have not had a raise in nearly three years. We continue to work erratic hours, long shifts, and for low wages. Dealing directly with the public, guarding businesses, protecting staff, enduring abuse and lawlessness, monitoring premises and patrolling properties, ceasingly since March (2020). Just as health care workers, Garda, and retail workers have diligently worked. The difference being, whereas other sectors have been lauded with praise and talks of bonuses, there is absolutely no mention of security staff. In the spirit of fairness, equality and gratitude, we would like to be officially recognised for our efforts and contributions in one of the most diverse and inclusive sectors in the country.
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    Created by Diego Ramirez
  • Leave Sonesta Green Alone.
    This is another attempt of forcing something that nobody asked for and is not required. There is currently a similar set up of equipment and resurfacing in Malahide Demesne, Robswall and Seabury. - The Village Green, New Street, and the attempts of the 'sky walk' and paving Bridgefield are examples of the previous rail-roading that has been attempted or achieved in the past. It is not a requirement to have every single green area laden with rubber mats and metal equipment. When there are so many projects being forced up on us without any discussion, it is time to point out how important a discussion is. Please help stop the attempt of this going ahead by asking for it to be halted until there is more discussion.
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    Created by Patrick Malone
  • Stop the deportation
    I have lived in Ireland for 9 years and the immigration office has decided to deport me from this country. I have a nephew and niece and my brother here. I cant go back when I have spent almost one decade living here in Ireland. My brother has an Irish passport and two born Irish kids - please I'm asking for help, i have been in this community for 9 years.
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    Created by Dylo Bejdo
  • Welcoming Afghan refugees?
    Ireland refused visas to Jews in 1940s. They died. Let's be bigger than that now. Contact your TDs. We can offer safety to 1000
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    Created by Emer O