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To: Galway City Council

Declare Housing Emergency in Galway

Declare Housing Emergency in Galway

We the undersigned acknowledge the Council’s inability to deal with the housing and homelessness crisis in our city.
We petition the Council to inform Government that this is the case, and to state that the Government must now declare a national housing emergency.
Such a declaration will enable the Government to access special European Union funding to invest in housing, and also allow the Government advance emergency measures through legislation to tackle this national calamity.

Why is this important?

Currently there are over 5,000 people on the social housing waiting list, with only 14 houses coming on stream in next 2 years. The council are spending approx 871,599 Euro every 6 months in Galway to house families in hotels and B&B's which is unacceptable long term and is wasteful. Also the cost of 330,000 per social housing unit, which is being discussed in GCC this wk, is outrageous and unsustainable. Approx 50,000 people are in arrears of 2 yrs or more with their mortgage half of whom are at risk of repossession this year. Where will they go ? Too many people sleeping rough on our streets every night and a huge amount of people, incl students, couples, families, travelers and single people, failing to find suitable affordable accommodation in the private sector in Galway city. Something must be done NOW !

Galway City, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Galway City Council can't seem to be able to offer a plausible reason as to why they haven't built a single affordable or social house in the City in ten years - ten of the hardest years many have seen in a lifetime - yet money is always found for lofty projects like the current "City of Culture" bid, where tens of millions is being pumped in. Talk about priorities and basic human empathy!
  • I myself had my home repossessed 18 months ago and myself and my four young children have been living in my parents house ever since. My children had to leave the only home they ever knew, their school and friends and move 65 miles away to begin again somewhere else. Its a heartbreaking situation and nobody helped us except for my elderly parents. Everybody needs the security of a home of their own. Something needs to be done about this now!
  • we all need homes


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