• Extend Carlow Bus Service to Willow Park & surrounding areas
    People that cannot drive/don’t have a licence will have to walk for up to 1.5km for the nearest bus stop.
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    Created by Anonymous Anonymous
  • Stop LITTER in Co. Tipperary
    Its important as litter kills our wildlife
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    Created by philip lloyd
  • Stop Road plan in Clonmel Centre
    Right now, there are 104 empty shop units in Clonmel town Centre. These proposed plans will reduce access to the town Centre, further risking the closing down of even more shops. The heart of our town is the shops in Clonmel. They give us a reason to go in and meet people. We need to protect that heart. Sign the petition if you agree. A formal objection letter needs to be sent to An Bord Pleanála before December 18th, 2023.
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    Created by Shula Mccarthy
  • Keep Dublin City Marathon in the City
    Dublin’s marathon is iconic. Please let Dublin City Council and the marathon organisers know that we want it to stay in the city centre. Running through the city and finishing in its heart are at the very core of this event and what draws tens of thousands of Irish and overseas runners to the race.
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    Created by Seán Ó hArgáin
  • Hulu to recreate the love/hate series
    It’s a well liked show .
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    Created by Barry Mc Hugh
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    Created by Divya Bavitha
  • Improve variety, quality and prices for the Canteen in CSM
    This issue affects everyone in the college. A balanced and affordable diet is extremely important. Recycling the same dishes on a weekly basis is not considerate of the overall needs of students and staff. Alot of students are not eating in the college due to prices and this has a knock on effect on a students ability to apply healthy eating and habits to their everyday college lives.
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    Created by Donal O Keeffe
  • Revive the Waves: Petition to Reopen Indoor Swimming Pool in Belmullet
    By supporting the petition, individuals contribute to the restoration of a valuable community asset that positively impacts the lives of Erris residents, fosters a healthier and more active community, and creates opportunities for educational and economic growth. The revitalised swimming pool will play a crucial role in building a stronger, more vibrant, and connected community in Erris.
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    Created by Michael Doocey
    For students to feel they have a space to stay in and socialise where they don’t feel like an inconvenience
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    Created by Blessing Adepoju
  • 10 Sráith Pictiúr is the move
    Gaeilge is an essential part of our culture and heritage. It is important for us as a younger generation to carry on this culture in a practical and open way. I understand that the reasons for the Sráith Pictiúrí is for students to see what is in front of them and communicate to the examiner in our native language what is happening. I know that it is not your wish for students to learn them off by heart and recite them like robots. The aim is to embrace and grow our language and teach students to speak it as well as understand it. For this reason i strongly believe that 10 Sráith pictiúr will have just as much benefit, if not more, to accelerating our knowledge of irish, then 20. Randomly selecting one from 20 is the same as randomly selecting one from 10, except that it allows students to relax that little bit more and be more capable of having confidence in themselves to speak the language more fluently. Relieving the stress without decreasing the academic benefit will be endlessly helpful for festering a love for our native tongue in the younger generation. Something which is vital for the continuation of our unique and wonderful culture.
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    Created by Katie Byrne
  • Help Us Immortalise Savita Halappanavar's Legacy In Galway
    As we approach the 11th anniversary of Savita Halappanavar's tragic passing on October 28, we reflect on the seismic impact it had on Ireland. In 2012, Savita died from sepsis at University Hospital Galway after being refused an abortion. Her untimely demise ignited a resounding call to struggle, propelling a monumental public movement to repeal the Eighth Amendment. This movement championed the fundamental rights of women to assert control over their bodies and make autonomous decisions regarding their reproductive health. It is a monumental stride towards individual freedom and women's emancipation in Ireland and gives further impetus to the global feminist revolt. While the current legislation, though in effect, still harbours room for improvement, it undeniably signifies a watershed moment in recent Irish history. Savita's unwarranted sacrifice became the catalyst for this transformative shift. Having lived, worked, and tragically met her end here in Galway, ROSA Galway passionately advocates for a mural as an enduring tribute in her honour in Galway City.
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    Created by Billie Bryan
  • Give lough back to the people
    Because it was stolen from the lrish people
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    Created by Eugene Patrick Greene