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To: Urgently Petitioning The Incoming GAA Director General

Remove the Pay Per View model from GAA games.

End our commercial relationship with companies that put GAA games behind a Paywall.

Why is this important?

Grassroots men and women who have given their lives to the GAA are being cut off from their own games, despite the organisation being built on the strength of their work.

It is disingenuous to suggest that the pay per view model is financially essential given the rude health of the GAA in 2018.

Based on the experiences of other sports with providers like Sky, we believe that in terms of active participation and meaningful engagement, it is detrimental to the GAA community to develop this relationship any further.


The elite model which Sky Sports champions is detrimental to the social fabric of areas in which GAA clubs carry a sincere social responsibility.

The GAA’s most significant opportunity lies in restoring value to local community. We can shift the balance back towards the club by encouraging the club game to develop alongside the intercounty game, as opposed to well behind it, as is the current reality.

Based on recent motions from Clare, Leitrim and Roscommon, it is clear that people at the coalface of GAA life do not support the organisation's decision to use a pay per view model.

We respectfully request that you sign the petition in order to send a clear and unified message to the incoming Director General and President.

Le meas

Paul Rouse
Joe Brolly
Michael Duignan
Diarmuid Lyng


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