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To: Crekav Landbank Investments

Save St.Annes Park

Not to develop in the Park at all but as this may be to late. A strong comprimise needs to be taken on board. Build houses for the homelessness crisis in areas where they will be affordable to all and not to line the pockets of Developers and the likes. Take more due care and attention as to how they will protect the wildlife before, during and after. Put a tree planting programme in place. Put in place the necessary steps to survey and protect all the nature to which they will destroy. Catch and release animals before their homes are destroyed. Listen to the people that are protesting against this. In all the construction work that takes place across the city, there should be a scheme in place to have a certain percentage of workers taken off social welfare and provided with jobs.

Why is this important?

This is important because money could be better spent in redevelopment in other areas of the city. The park is one of the few left in the city that has been left untouched for years. The park provides many community events throughout the year and brings people together for all types of occasions. This site was privately sold but still comes under the umbrella of the park so if this development goes ahead it opens the flood gates for endless destruction to the park through building. Where does it end?

St Anne's Park, Dublin, Ireland

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