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To: Department of Education & Skills

Secure the future of Trim Educate Together National School

We are strongly opposed to the recent designation of Trim Educate Together National School as having ‘half-stream’ status and are calling on the Department of Education & Skills to re-designate it as a full-stream school immediately.

We are also asking as a matter of urgency that the Department of Education provide suitable permanent accommodation for the school so that it can grow to full capacity to serve the children of Trim into the future. This includes considering the possibility of relocating the school to a greenfield site - a suitable site on the Dublin road has already been zoned for education (2014-2020 Trim Development Plan).

Ronan Moore is a father of two who lives in Trim and teaches in Navan.

Why is this important?

Every parent should be able to send their child to a school where they feel they will get the best possible start in life. In the town of Trim there are four denominational primary schools. The Educate Together is the only multi-denominational primary school, however due to the Department's recent decision to downgrade the school to 'half stream' status, the school will only be able to accept 13 students every year. This in a town with a population that is nearing 10,000 people.

The Educate Together ethos supports children's moral and spiritual development and teaches children about different belief systems. Everyone takes part and no one has to opt out. Due to the dedication and hard-work of the Principal and teachers of Educate Together in Trim, places for the school are in high demand. The Department's decision is taking away the option for parents of all faiths and none to educate their children in a school which reflects their equality based ethos. That this can be allowed happen in 2018 is nothing short of a disgrace.

By reverting back to its original decision to allow the Educate Together become a full-stream school, as well as help identify a suitable permanent site for the school, the Department can make good its original promise to the parents of Trim. Our children should be allowed to flourish and grow in the best possible environment for them.

Trim, Ireland

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