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To: Centra, Convenience Stores

Keep Our Children Safe. Stop Displaying Alcohol Close To Checkouts

Keep Our Children Safe. Stop Displaying Alcohol Close To Checkouts

Children should not be exposed to alcohol advertising at a young age. I want my local Centra to stop placing alcohol close to the check out.

This problem could spread widely if nothing is done. Centra have over 450 branches in Ireland and have recently become part of the huge Musgrave group. If they find this layout to be profitable they may well decide to implement it in all their stores.

Profit margins are no excuse for exposing our children to the risks of alcohol marketing. Please act so that shops are not free to thrust it in front of families who are buying their groceries or visiting their post office.

Why is this important?

I object to having my children unavoidably exposed to alcohol and alcohol related advertising in convenience stores. Alcohol is well know to have many negative affects on the health and judgement of teenagers, and most problem drinkers start drinking young.

Alcohol marketers direct advertising at them with the aim of gaining lifelong loyal customers. These companies are well know as the best and most effective advertisers in the world. Why is it that children cannot enter dedicated off-licenses but convenience stores like these are free to place their alcohol sections so that children cannot avoid them?

Bray, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • I am a teacher at a secondary school. It is frightening to see students as young as 14yrs coming to school on Monday mornings with hangovers. They can access drink easily and cheaply and have liitle or no idea of the damage they are inflicting on themselves and families. More and more young people are ending up receiving help for alcohol dependence before they are in their twenties; surely it is time to highlight the harm done rather than glamourising the use of alcohol.
  • I don’t mind advertising of products and discounts - but that can vmbe done discreetly for adults. Adults are mature enough to know what they want and when so no need to have it shoved in our faces. For adults and children - move it to a discreet section.
  • I think centra on the vevay Road show such bad example to there youth and if we tolerate this now then what next + off-licenses of centra is attached to post-office so let's get the welfare and some cans on the way out motto is not what I support.


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