• Expand College Green Plaza - to steps of former Irish Parliament
    The proposed College Green Plaza will be an iconic civic space in the heart of Dublin - Ireland's capital. It has the potential to rival other great urban spaces like Dam Square in Amsterdam or Trafalgar Square in London. However to achieve this the expansion of the proposed extent of the College Green Plaza to the steps of the former Parliament building (now Bank of Ireland) is of paramount significance. Given that the tax paying citizens of the State funded the Bank Bailout, and Bank of Ireland is essentially now State owned this petition calls on that Bank to allow the expansion of College Green Plaza by removing Parking in the forecourt area as a gesture of goodwill towards the people of Ireland and its capital city. A recent public consultation on the proposed plaza at College Green heard that the railings at Bank of Ireland were private and would stay, while trees would be removed. It is therefore clear that retention of railings is to facilitate parking in the forecourt of the Bank. This is not in keeping with a pedestrian plaza and or the opening of a new cultural visitor centre at College Green in 2017 which will greatly enhance the amenity value of the College Green complex. While the present railings do have historic value they should not be used to curtail the extent of the plaza. With careful planning and your input College Green can become a focal point for our nation in the heart of our capital city and once again play host to historic public gatherings from the visit of President Obama in 2011 to rallies and marches in support of issues that matter to all of us. Please sign & share and have your say !
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    Created by Anthony Brogan
  • Invest in Publicly-Funded Third-Level Education in Ireland Now
    #EducationIs a public good. The report outlines three funding options: 1) Funding Option One: A Predominantly State-Funded System. 2) Funding Option Two: Increased State-Funding with Continuing Student Fees. 3) Funding Option Three: Increased State-Funding with Deferred Payment of Fees Through Income Contingent Loans. USI know that Funding Option One is key for Irish students' future. Funding Option One: A predominantly state-funded system advocates that the state would significantly increase its core grant to institutions and the €3,000 undergraduate student contribution would be abolished. Higher education would be free at the point of entry for all first-time EU students and for part-time learners.There is also the possibility of extending free tuition to postgraduate education. Funding Option Three will have a negative effect on the lives of current and future Irish students. USI know that an income-contingent loan scheme is not a viable solution to third-level funding as a burden of €20,000+ debt upon graduation will deter people from applying to college. Financial strain of placing this debt on graduates spans across all communities and groups including parents, children, staff and teachers - not just students. The campaign is supported by members of the Coalition for Publicly Funded Higher Education including SIPTU, IMPACT, TUI, IFUT and the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) so far. FACTS ABOUT LOANS America's student loan debt ($1tn+) is greater in value than the combined economies of Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. In other words, American students owe the combined value of all transactions in those countries in a year. Home-ownership in under-40s in New Zealand has drastically fallen since the introduction of student loans, from 57% to 25%.” Charging no tuition-related fees, Germany has 41 universities that are considered by Times Higher Education to be among the best in the world. In France, where they have registration fees of under €200, there are 27. 70% of the 2015 college graduates in the UK are not expected to ever repay their college loans, according to The Institute of Fiscal Studies.
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  • Declare Wicklow a TTIP and CETA Free Zone
    Our local businesses, environment and democracy are under threat from a trade deal currently being negotiated between the EU Commission and the USA. The deal is called TTIP and could outlaw local authorities’ support of local businesses, allow multinational corporations to sue us if councils deny fracking permits and open up services like water, health and education to privatisation. What’s up for grabs are the rules and regulations that force corporations to abide by standards that protect our health, our rights, our jobs, services and the environment. These regulations for example stop corporations releasing chemicals and products into the market before they are proven to be safe. They also make sure workers get their rights and that local communities are protected from environmental disasters. But if TTIP goes ahead corporations will get to have a say on policies that govern our daily lives - before we or even politicians get to see them. And if they don’t like the rules they will be able to sue governments when they make changes or bring in new policies that could potentially affect their profits. Right now in Canada a fracking company Lone Pine Resources Inc., is suing the government for its decision to not allow fracking in Quebec. They are able to do this because of an ISDS clause in another trade deal. In Egypt the government was sued by water company Veolia for attempting to bring in a minimum wage. Germany is being sued by Swedish energy company Vatenfall for €4.7 billion because of Germany's decision to phase out nuclear power. TTIP also removes barriers to US companies who want to sell their products in Europe. Right now the sale of US beef in Europe is very limited. Hormone injected beef is banned outright. Hundreds of councils across Europe have already said they don’t want TTIP. Because of people power politicians are waking up to the threat TTIP poses and to the fact that people aren’t going to stand aside and let our democracy and rights be sold off. In addition to that a similar Trade agreement named CETA if the TTPIP fails will deliver a similar agreement between the EU and Canada, with similar legal provisions thus providing a backdoor for the same restrictive legal provisions to be implemented: CETA summary: http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/Pubs/wp/16-03CETA_ES.pdf
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  • Amateur Boxing Rules - Unfair Decisions
    The decisions that in amateur sport of boxing are making a mockery of the sport. How can one country appoint 7 of its own members into a committee into a ruling body and then make a decision that no boxer can make inquiry into the decision that has been made. Just look at the decisions that were made in the so called fair Olympics. A complete mockery of boxing is going on and has to be stopped before amateur boxing is destroyed.
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  • Secondary School Transport
    There is a severe shortage of spaces for secondary school kids in rural Ireland and CIE refuses to sanction extra buses to meet the demand
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  • Stop industrialising Galway Bay
    The Marine Institute has applied for a 35 year lease for an offshore electricity generating station in Galway Bay off of Spiddal. There are 5 applications relating to this all to be found on www.environ.ie. Although, there have been a couple of public meetings about this, the most recent meeting in the Connemara Coast revealed that a huge amount of people have very little or no information about what this entails. Indeed, there are too many Galwegians and Clare people who have no idea that this is the plan for Galway Bay. We would like to inform people of the details and have asked the Marine Institute and Simon Coveney, who has the power to sign off on this, for more time to examine the applications and the consequences for Galway Bay and its surroundings. Please help us spread the word quickly as we only have until August 2nd for submissions on this. Unless our TDs and Councillors stall the deadline for us.
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  • Stop suspended /short sentences for sex offenders & call for the resignation of Judge Gerald Keys
    Our Judges continuously hand down suspended or short sentences to rapists and those found guilty of sexual assault in this country, including those who sexually assault children. We do not accept these sentences which legitimise the rape of both adults and children and allow dangerous and violent criminals to walk freely on our streets. Enough is enough. If our judges are unable to punish those who have committed these abhorrent crimes, then we call for their resignations from their positions.
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    Created by Emma O'Leary
  • Keep Lynams Hotel Open For Homeless Families
    NAMA owns Lynams hotel in the middle of O'Connell St. This 47 bed hotel currently hosts many homeless families as 'Emergency Accommodation' -- a last resort for families hit by economic evictions with nowhere else to go. It could host many more -- every single day families are refused and sent to 'self accommodate' which means they have to source their own hotel by phoning every hotel in the city. Lynams hotel can hold more than 40 families and ensure none of these children are left on the streets. NAMA want to privatise this hotel, selling it back to speculators and developers at a huge discount so they can make huge profits from us again. We wont let this happen! Join our fight for a better city, against homelessness, against privatisation, against rent increases and against elite corruption.
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    Created by Dublin Central Housing Action
  • Fully Implement the Charities Act
    It will help in the fight against self serving associates robbing money donated by well meaning people. The latest scandal involves Console. Draft sections of the audit revealed that former Console boss Paul Kelly and his wife and son spent almost €500,000 on designer clothes, foreign trips, groceries, and other expenses between 2012 and 2014. All three benefited by almost €500,000 in salaries and cars in the same period. This is not good enough. The legislation exists but it's not being implemented. This must change. PART 4 of the Charities Act first action: Protection of Charitable Organisations Investigation of affairs of charitable organisation. 64.— The Authority may appoint a person (in this Act referred to as an “inspector”) or more than one such person to investigate the affairs of a charitable organisation and to prepare a report thereon in such manner as the Authority shall direct.
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  • Reform the FAI
    This is important because football is one of the most important sport in Ireland. Too many clubs that were in the league have gone bankrupt due to the incompetence of the FAI. Currently, teams such as Waterford United are on the brink of bankruptcy. This has to change. By signing this petition, you're showing the FAI you care about the League of Ireland's future
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  • Justice for Greyhounds
    Exporting racing greyhounds to Asia is condemning them to certain death in areas where no animal welfare laws exist and where no rehoming programs are in place. When shipped to Macau to race at the infamous Canidrome, they are condemned to live in miserable conditions, in barren concrete cells, raced on dangerous tracks, and killed as soon as they don't place in three of five consecutive races. All greyhounds entering the Macau Canidrome will be dead within three years. At the end of 2015, the Australian ABC aired the investigation by Animals Australia regarding Australian greyhounds being exported to Asia (http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2015/s4369266.htm). Following this report, and the understandable public reaction to it, Qantas made the following statement: "...in light of the story we have made the decision to no longer provide racing greyhound freight services to Asia." (http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/qantas-will-no-longer-carry-racing-greyhounds-on-flights-to-asia-20151212-glm08m.html). This had the effect of drying up the supply of greyhounds, especially those destined for Macau. Now racing greyhounds are being sourced from Ireland. In May, a shipment of 24 Irish greyhounds bound for Asia was spotted being transferred from the animal transport van, that took them from Ireland, into a furniture removal truck in Manchester. They were then driven in this furniture truck to Heathrow, bound for Asia, but the Animal Welfare Reception Centre refused to accept them due to their cages being unsuitable. These 24 greyhounds have since been returned to Ireland to the owner who tried to ship them to Macau. The Irish government and the IGB (Irish Greyhound Board) have been pressured by a growing international community to take action, and during a joint initiative between the DAFM, the International Greyhound Forum (represented by ISPCA and Dogs Trust), and the IGB it was stated that "All parties present agreed to actively explore all avenues to ensure the export of greyhounds takes place only to jurisdictions with high welfare standards.". This may include setting up a similar policy to that implemented in Australia in 2013 by Greyhounds Australasia (GA) to make it against industry rules to export greys to destinations where welfare standards don't meet local standards. We've already seen in Australia that a similar industry ruling didn't stop exports. 179 trainers have recently been charged by Greyhound Racing New South Wales with exporting Australian greyhounds to the prohibited jurisdiction of Macau and face fines, suspension or being banned from racing (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-06-09/greyhound-racing-nsw-charges-179-trainers-owners/7497738). This demonstrates that an industry ban, especially when not policed, does nothing to stop greyhounds being exported to prohibited jurisdictions. What effectively stopped exports was the decision by Qantas to refuse carriage. We ask that the Irish government take a serious stand and legislates against the exportation of its racing greyhounds to countries with inadequate welfare standards. A list of jurisdictions should be drawn up that, due to inadequate welfare standards, become prohibited destinations for the export of Irish greyhounds and the government should make it illegal to export racing greyhounds to those destinations. This list should include, at least, China, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Pakistan, Venezuela and Argentina. We ask that the IGB be held responsible and accountable for policing and enforcing this ban.
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  • Save the "Port Of Cork Buildings" from being destroyed by a horrific modern development
    The Port Of Cork Buildings have been bought by American property developers recently. They plan to build the biggest skyscraper in Ireland on this site. It will cover up and destroy the Port buildings, these are the most historical, prominent, visually beautiful buildings in Cork City. The Port of Cork Buildings are listed buildings, they are supposed to be protected. Cork City Council has been allowing so many historical buildings in Cork City to be demolished, their idea of preserving buildings is to keep the front wall, (Some examples Navagation House by O Callaghan Properties and Camden Quay buildings demolished leaving only the front walls, another horrible example is the O Callaghan Properties development on Lavits Quay. Opera Lane didn’t even bother keeping the front and now Patrick’s Street has started losing its character and historic buildings). The Port buildings were constructed during the Napoleonic Wars by the prisoners of Spike Island more than 200 years ago. They are in such an important piece of strategic land in the center of the city and on the historic waterfront. These are the first buildings we see when we arrive in Cork. They have the possibility to make this city very special. These are a unique set of buildings and part of our cultural and historical maritime heritage - of international interest. If this huge development goes ahead the character of Cork will be lost forever. I have had a campaign to get these amazing buildings turned into a Port Of Cork Maritime Museum. They are in such an important piece of strategic land in the center of the city and on the historic waterfront. The idea of the Maritime Museum in this location would connect the City to The Harbour and would provide a perfect opportunity for ferry's to bring the people of Cork and tourists up and down the river Lee from Cork to the amazing Harbour and Spike Island. If a Maritime Museum was the chosen usage of these buildings open to the people of the city we could have amazing public civic occasions on this magical important strategic site. It is a disgrace on our politicians and planners, that they have allowed these amazing buildings to go into private ownership. I am inviting people who are interested in these buildings to contact me and campaign and make them into an important maritime civic amenity. Regards, John Adams johnadamsartist@gmail.com
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