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Stop Return of UCC Race Day

We are calling on the incoming UCCSU not to bring back Race Day. Greyhound racing is already not allowed within the UCCSU constitution and we believe Horse Racing and Race Day should similarly not be supported by our Student Representatives. We think UCC would also not be in support of the return.

Why is this important?

-Students in UCC do not want to see the return of Race Day.
- Race Day promotes animal cruelty, gambling, fast fashion and binge drinking. All the while, creating an unsafe environment for attendees and portraying a bad reputation of the student body to the public.
-Efforts should be put into events which promote better values; events that do not use animals for our entertainment, and that do not encourage young people to gamble during a cost of living crisis.

Horse Racing in Ireland
-176 horses have died on racetracks since 2021. Thousands more are bred for the industry and are killed when they are not profitable.
-€72.8 million of taxpayers money was paid out to the horse racing industry in 2023, compared to only €15 million total which was paid to the FAI, GAA, Athletics Ireland, Swim Ireland and the Special Olympics combined.
-Horses are unique and intelligent animals, we don’t need to use them for entertainment.

For more information…
-List of Horses killed on Irish Racetracks
-Watch the BBC’s documentary ‘Panorama - The Dark Side of Horse Racing’
-Visit website of the National Animal Rights Association and read their campaign to stop Horse Racing
-Further reading on Blood Sports in Ireland
-Sign petition to stop government funding of Horse Racing
- Australian Coalition for the Protection of Rachorses, #NupTheCup Campaign

To support horses in Ireland visit My Lovely Horse Rescue

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