To: All Dail members in Fianna Fail Fianna Gael and the Green Party

Government TD's pledge to forego private health care until HSE delivers for all citizens.

Photo by Melissa Mullin on Unsplash

All TD's whose party hold positions in the current government to sign a pledge that they and their immediate family forego private medical care and receive care through the HSE until public health care in Ireland gives timely and effective care to all citizens irrespective of age or financial status and nobody dies on waiting lists or on a trolley in an emergency department corridor.
This pledge to include An Taoiseach and all government ministers and junior ministers.

Why is this important?

Because until members of Dail Eireann are insulated from the horrors of the public health service there will be no impetus to tackle a problem that has existed for many years well before the arrival of COVID and computer glitches. This problem existed when the country was awash with money.


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