• Aer Lingus must recycle!
    Aer Lingus currently sends all waste to landfill - at least two bags per flight per day. Why not separate cardboard and paper? Better still, why not use compostable cups, cutlery and trays? Set an example for our beautiful green country.
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    Created by liz gill
  • Normalise Cycling As A Commuting Choice
    We need to normalise cycling as a commuter choice. An announcement such as this, coming from a motoring organisation such as AA Roadwatch, could also help to ease the "them and us" mentality that exists at the moment between motorists and cyclists, while at the same time highlighting one of the many benefits of commuting by bike. Getting more people to commute by bike will benefit all other road users as it will lead to less congestion in our cities and towns. Cycle commuting also has the potential, long term, of saving millions of Euro for the health services, both because of the improved air quality and the fact that studies continually show, people who commute by bike are healthier than the general population. And there is safety in numbers: the more people that choose to cycle as their preferred commuting method, the safer it gets.
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    Created by Dermot Lane
  • Car-Free Sundays in Dublin City Centre
    We want people to be able to enjoy Dublin City Centre without the hustle and bustle of motor vehicles. By creating just a few car-free streets every Sunday we could enable people of all ages and abilities to walk, cycle and enjoy themselves in the heart of Dublin City. Car-Free Sundays have been trialled successfully in cities around the globe including Paris, Mexico and Singapore. The 'Paris Sans Voitures' (Paris Without Cars) initiative was started by the city's Mayor to tackle chronic air pollution. The first car-free day in Paris resulted in a 40% drop in air pollution and a 50% fall in noise pollution. Each year in Ireland, up to 1,600 premature deaths are linked to air pollution, with motor vehicle emissions making up a substantial proportion of that pollution. The Car-Free Sunday concept can also be combined with free public transport for the day to encourage people to leave their cars at home. A large-scale switch to public transport, or to cycling and walking, could ease congestion in Dublin and improve the city for everyone. We are calling on Dublin City Council to realise the potential of Car-Free Sundays and to begin trials of the concept in the summer of 2018.
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  • Return to glass milk bottles
    The plant can not sustain our use of plastic. Plastic is a by product of fossil fuel which is not renewable. Our oceans are polluted by millions of tons of plastic which are nit recycled properly. With bin charges goin up on the general public more and more plastic waste is finding its way to landfill and the seas. In order for our planet to survive we must return to the use of glass bottles..
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    Created by Anna Doyle
  • Rockfield Park needs a playground
    There is a ready made ideal site for a playground in Rockfield Park, namely the now unused square surfaced with tarmac which used to serve as an all weather five-a-side. DCC intend re-greening this when it could serve as a ready made foundation for a playground. A properly secured playground would be a great amenity and would lead to a more widespread use of the park by the community
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  • Save Tinakilly
    Based on original articles in the media, the plan is to build approx. 700+ houses in Tinakilly. Wicklow County Council has approved the first round of this development, for 271 houses which will be built in the fields to the right of Tinakilly avenue (going up the avenue). The fields to the left of Tinakilly avenue are also owned by the same consortium and are zoned for residential development. There is no doubt, that in the future, this consortium will also apply to build an additional significant number of houses here. The plans for the 271 houses involve a phase 1 of the Rathnew inner relief road development, which will run from Broomhall interchange (traffic lights) to half way up Tinakilly avenue. Phase 2 development of this road will connect to Newrath (approx back of Fiat garage) which will see Tinakilly avenue cut in half. This road will be a two lane carriageway with footpaths and cycle lanes on both sides. This major road artery will simply destroy the existing avenue. For years, Tinakilly has been an area of significant beauty and has been respected and enjoyed by the people of Rathnew and surrounding areas. The primary schools have enjoyed their nature walks here and continue to do so. It was described by the late Éamon de Buitléar as an area of outstanding, natural beauty and one of the finest examples of a sylvan avenue. The ecosystem will be destroyed. Fauna and flora will be wiped out. Some things are irreplaceable. The environs of Tinakilly are also home to two protected structures (Tinakilly House and Broadlough House), however, as the lands where once owned by Captain Robert Halpin, we feel the entire area should be considered as a protected landscape. There is already an abundance of proposed and existing houses developments that can cater for the demand of our village. The current population of Rathnew is approx. 3,500 and we are approaching max capacity in our brand new schools (Dec 2016). This development is not in the interest of the people of Rathnew. If you agree, please sign the petition.
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    Created by Shay Ryan
  • Bio-Degradable Pastics
    1. Less waste to Land Fill, 2. One off use of Non Bio-degradable Plastics finding its way to our Rivers, Seas Lakes, Oceans. 3. Less Plastic waste in Rivers, Lakes, Seas, Oceans. 4. Save energy in the Production and Disposal of one of use,of Non Bio-degrade Waste Plastic. We need to re-think our views on Plastic. Many Plastics are used in our Work Places and Homes. Film " A Plastic Ocean"
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    Created by Brian Gould
  • Reclaim the Iveagh Markets
    Dublin City Council have demanded the return of the building following an unanimous vote by elected Representatives to have the building returned to community control. Cllr Tina MacVeigh got the support of the community and all the public representatives to return this iconic building to Community Control ! This has so far not happened despite a deadline imposed on Martin Keane to return the keys by 31st Jan 2018. The businessman has held the building for over 20 years and has not delivered on his promises. The building needs to be returned to Dublin City Council so that the council and the community it serves can decide together on the future of this iconic Dublin building and how best it can serve its community! The latest that Cllr Tina MacVeigh has done is to ask the council for a public consultation to deliver a simple message to our council why we the community needs this building in community control ! This June we need to give them a simple message take the building back and let the community have a community space !
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  • Shame on Leo Varadkar for Flouting Planning Laws
    Planning laws are supposed to be beyond political interference.
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    Created by Siobhan O'Donoghue
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  • CCBS is Sick of Plastic!
    Plastic is taking over our world. It's everywhere. Supermarkets cover everything in plastic, including fresh fruit and veg. 160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second! 5 trillion plastic bags are produced yearly. Side by side, they can encircle the world 7 times. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a floating landfill of garbage in the Pacific twice the size of Texas, is mostly composed of plastic. We want to reduce the use of plastic in the world, to protect the environment and particularly marine life.
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  • Keep America in the Paris Accord on Climate Change.
    “Climate change is real! Every country on Earth must come together now to do whatever we can now to protect the future of our planet. The Paris Agreement on Climate change is a good deal for Planet Earth, including the USA. Please sign this petition to President Trump and share it.” Nevan Corcoran (aged11) This petition was started by Nevan Corcoran, an 11-year-old boy from Lusk, Co Dublin, Ireland, worried that America is planning to pull out of The Paris Agreement on climate change. Dermot Higgins, who was Nevan's teacher, is nearly finished a massive cycle around the world to highlight climate change and plans to deliver the petition to The White House.
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    Created by Dermot Higgins