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To: Minister Richard Bruton


Move Ireland towards climate leadership by supporting four crucial Bills through the Dail.

Why is this important?

According to the latest IPCC report, the next twelve years are crucial for action on climate change.
There are four ambitious climate and environmental Bills which have been brought by Opposition Parties to the Dail. If the government truly wants to make Ireland a leader on climate change, it should support the passage of these Bills immediately.

These are

- The Climate Emergency Measures Bill (Bríd Smith PBP)
- The Microgeneration Support Scheme Bill (Sinn Fein)
- The Just Transition (Worker and Community Environmental Rights) Bill (Green Party)
- The Waste Reduction Bill (Green Party)

This is a simple ask.
These are all sensible Bills which will move Ireland towards being a cleaner, greener and fairer place to live. We have no time to wait.


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