• Roscommon needs more homes
    Roscommon is suffering from a chronic shortage of liveable homes, with virtually no new housing estates being developed. Our county is now officially the worst place in Ireland for new builds, according to the Irish Independent. To add insult to injury, there are more than 4,000 vacant homes in Roscommon. We call on Roscommon County Council to take action on vacancy and dereliction, to build more public homes, and to do more to encourage developers to build affordable homes in our county.
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Extend DART+ to Kilcock
    Kilcock has become an important commuter town and must treated as such. Residents in the area are becoming increasingly and justifiably frustrated with the transport options in the town; an unfit train service, and a bus service that is unreliable and lacking punctuality. The people of Kilcock deserve better. The NTA will be reviewing the plans in 2025. We must throw our full support behind a campaign for a "bolt-on" service to the train depot, that would facilitate a station and secure the DART+ for Kilcock.
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    Created by Peter Melrose
  • Reopen train line Cork - Midleton - Youghal
    With growing developments and population around Youghal area, train lines can reduce traffic and improve public transport for people living between Youghal-Cork. There are around 20k cars travelling on N25 coming through Castlemartyr a day. New developments in the area mean more cars and further traffic. Proper train line could help reduce it.
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    Created by Jacob Sosinsky
  • Save Roscommon Town Post Office
    Our Post Office has been established for decades, which is part of the social, economic and cultural heritage of Roscommon Town. It is a landmark building in our town centre, which creates footfall, vitality and viability at this location. The use of the Post Office is part of the Cultural Heritage of the town and therefore must be protected under Planning legislation.
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    Created by Nigel Dineen
  • Save New Ross Post Office
    It is a vital social good. Iconic building in the middle of town. Key service for hundreds of people every week. It will see a dilution of services and job losses.
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    Created by Michael Sheehan
  • We need a local bus for Mullingar town
    Let's make Mullingar accessible to everyone, bring the bus!
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    Created by Raimonda Masiulyte - Ramchurn
  • A 'no carbon' future
    At COP 28, the Irish government spoke on the news about false solutions, like carbon capture and storage. These insufficient solutions are a distraction and so many people around the world know this truth. As young people, we already know that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change and that fossil fuels are responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions. We are the ones that will have to face the climate chaos that we didn’t create. We need to make sure Ireland does not fall into the trap of the fossil fuel industry! Please sign your name and SHARE! Bella, Aya, Zoe, Lucas, Tom, Roisin & Riley! students from North Wicklow Educate Together secondary school
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    Created by North Wicklow Educate Together students
  • Should Mount Brandon be included in the Dingle National Park?
    The Owenmore Fishery has been sold from one private landlord too another. Its has never been in the hands of the Irish People. For the Dingle Peninsula to be recognised as the crown of the Kingdom then the people demand this government to buy what is truly ours. For too long the Dingle Peninsula has not got the recognition that it deserves that stops now. The pass and the river that drains it needs to be in the hands of the Irish people!
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    Created by Daniel Brosnan Picture
  • Local bus for Mullingar
    To help people get around. Kids getting to school, people who don't drive are less strained to get in and out of town. As well as cutting down on emissions as less people would drive. It would help people save money and hopefully create a better social culture of there is easy access to the town and parks.
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    Created by Lauren White
  • Ballyhass School Bus
    The children of Ballyhass NS and the parish of Castlemagner deserve a bus and shouldn't be subjected to the stress and worry of a lottery year on year. This affects anyone that is outside the Department of Education's radius of 3 miles from the school. This is our fight this year but it might be yours in the future.
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    Created by Concerned Parents
  • Stop Bord na Móna sale of Derrinlough
    The sale must be halted to provide a pause to consult stakeholders on the future of the site. The sale contains no conditions for the protection of the factory building and its preservation should be considered on the grounds of the social and architectural significance of the last Briquette factory in Ireland.
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    Created by Derrinlough Factory
  • More Bus Shelters for Inchicore & Kilmainham
    Other areas like Castleknock Have a steel bus shelter at every bus stop and a €5,500 belly bin. Residents in Inchicore and Kilmainham would like their bus stops upgraded to the same standard as other areas; with a shelter, RTPI and a bin.
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen