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To: Offaly County Council

Offaly County Council release Budget Vs Actual Data

OCC returned the FOI and We are now submitting an appeal through OIC

Release the Budget Vs Actual Data relating to Offaly County Council budget for the last 5 years

Why is this important?

A Chairde,

As a "blow-in" to the Rhode area in Co Offaly I have been shocked at the state of the local roads within the area.

At the beginning of this year, after spending more money on suspension issues on my car I did a small audit of section B04 (local roads) of the Offaly county council budget.

The main findings so far:

Variance of over €445K in the 2022 budget compared to Prior year figure in 2023 file.

No additional funding provided with the exception of €150K additional funding in 2024.

No Data or information relating to how much of the budget has actually been spent.

No Data provided on where the money is actually being spent.

After speaking with other locals, it appears that due to a lack of representation within the Rhode/Edenderry area, Other areas in Offaly are looked after at a higher rate than we are.

I have sent on a Freedom of Information request to Offaly County Council asking for the following:

"Would it be possible to ask for a breakdown of Section B04 for budget's 2020/21/22 and an explanation for the variance in 2022 figures.

Is there an "Actual V Budget" Breakdown available anywhere?

Can you provide expenditure data on B0402 Local Rd Surface Rest/Road Reconstruction/Overlay? Is there data available for what road's/areas resurfacing works were carried out for 2020/2021/2022/2023 and the associated spends?

Same as above for B0405 Local Roads General Maintenance Works.

It is clear that B0402 Local Rd Surface Rest/Road Reconstruction/Overlay has seen no increase in budget for over 3 years, can you provide an explanation as to why?

Is there a forecast for the additional 150K that has been budgeted in B0405 Local Roads General Maintenance Works in 2024?

Is there currently any National or EU schemes available for the reconstruction of local roads in rural/farming communities?"

My Request has been refused by the council and I am in contact with the Office of Information Commission in order to appeal the decision.

I am asking that you sign this petition in support of transparency within our local council and would ask that you contact your local councilors and ask them to release the Data that has been requested:

Go raibh maith agat!


Offaly, Co. Offaly, Ireland

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