• Implementation of Additional Leave for Pandemic Parents before April 2021
    Babies born in during the initial lockdown and their parents were isolated from crucial supports as well as family support due to the restrictions. The Government acknowledged this and agreed the additional paid leave but will not implement until April 2021 and this penalises many parents. Not everyone can afford to avail of the unpaid maternity leave entitlement either partially or in it's entirety. Parents need to be able to avail of this before returning to the workplace. Parents are only permitted to take this leave in some cases over twelve months after the birth of their children. This is unacceptable and needs to be implemented as soon as possible.
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    Created by Laura O'Connell
    You, the Department of Education have a duty of care for the safety & protection of our children & school staff. Parents and school staff were promised “protection measures” yet none are in place. Now at level 5, there are still no safety measures and schools are reporting that when a positive case is in a classroom, they are unable to get hold of HSE and have no guidance only to get on with it and continue with positive cases within the class. NOT ACCEPTABLE.
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    Created by Teachers & Kids Lives Matter
  • Support E-learning for kids during a pandemic
    Keep our kids safe, keep ourselves safe so we can keep our Ireland safe!!!
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    Created by Yana Wang
  • Regulate dog and cat breeders in Ireland
    Too many rogue breeders who care nothing for the welfare of the animals. Many of them breed with stolen animals, traumatising the animals and leaving families devastated by losing a family member. Adults dogs and puppies are being kept in horrific conditions of disease, overcrowding, and tiny kennels and no veterinary care.
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    Created by Shane Kennedy
  • Allow parents the option of sending their child to school in tracksuit or uniform
    Families were assured that their voices would be heard. And that they would be involved in the decision making when it comes to school uniform /tracksuit
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    Created by PA Castlemartyr
  • Reinstate Castlemartyr National School Parents association
    Because parents are legally entitled to a parents association
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    Created by PA Castlemartyr
  • We need better Mental Health Support for all
    We cannot keep losing young men and women due to lack of support from our NHS. In the last 2 years four of my sons friends have opted to end their lives by suicide. I do not want my son to be the next loss. Please help.
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    Created by Sam Matthews
  • Waste at School.
    To keep schoolbag and books free from spilled drinks, yogurt, smoothies, etc.,
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    Created by Mary Sheehan
  • Mental health and wellbeing in schools for children
    It is the most important thing in life it would reduce all of the issues across the bored if we are are going to fight for mental health we should start with the younger generations we need to give them tools to help others and help themselves it is fundamental to have something in our shcools at a young age
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    Created by Sarah Jane Kinsella
  • IrelandVote16
    In light of the recent international climate justice marches it seems like the perfect time to fight for the right of young people to be able to vote in Ireland.
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    Created by Orla Murphy Picture
  • Save Citizen Information services in Killaloe Ballina
    It’s with alarming concert that we the community of killaloe & Ballina hear that the local weekly citizens advice service had been suspended due to unforeseen circumstances. The community of killaloe & Ballina have a population of over 4,500 residents and the service had been in situ for well over 10 years providing free information advice support and Advocacy. We the community of Killaloe & Ballina value that weekly citizens information (CIC) service and wish to emphasise the importance of it, in supporting and addressing our complex queries. We have sign this petition to highlight the importance of keeping this service open in Killaloe to meet the needs of our community and to especially provide a face to face service to those that are marginalised and unable to get to Limerick or Nenagh Citizens information centers offices.
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    Created by Orla Foley
  • Varicella virus vaccine
    To stop children from suffering from a highly contagious but preventable childhood illness
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    Created by Jenny Birch