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To: Minister Joe McHugh and the Irish Government

Let Them In -3rd level places for all Leaving Cert students

Allow all Leaving Cert students their high preference choices for 3rd level education if they want it. Allow equality of opportunity to access 3rd level education which differs greatly to 2nd level and when given the opportunity many students thrive there that would not have been predicted to do so.

Why is this important?

Everyone no matter what their circumstance or chance of birth deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Education is a powerful tool against poverty and inequality for both the individual who can access it and the generations after them. The current Covid19 pandemic poses an unique opportunity to change the entry process to 3rd level education in Ireland and let everyone who wants to be in education in. This petition is inspired by RTE broadcaster Joe Duffy using his platform to promote the importance of equal access to education throughout his life such as his campaign 'Let Them In' 40 years ago. If not now then when? LET THEM IN

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