• Make lone whitethorn trees, protected like forts
    It is saving irelands folklore, history, and identity.
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    Created by Cathal O' Hagan
  • Broadcast Irish Basketball on RTE
    Basketball is Irelands number 1 indoor sport with approx 30,000 players in clubs across Ireland and the game is played by the vast majority of primary and post primary school students. Participation at all levels is growing steadily. This is an appeal to RTE and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media to broadcast basketball in the 2021-2022 season which commences in September (Mens) and October (Women's) As an indoor sport the game should be very easy to televise particularly during the winter months when other sports are inactive.
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    Created by Portlaoise Panthers Basketball Club
  • Allow access to the beaches of Meath
    People with limited mobility can no longer gain access to this pubic amenity since the closures of the beach to cars since the beginning of the pandemic. No footpath and terrible road conditions at all entrances of Gormonston.
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    Created by Helen Furlong
  • Get Bins for Clerihan Village!
    There has been no bins in Clerihan Village for a long time now. The community have organised many clean-ups, but they will never be as effective as bins. Without bins the children, adults, elderly and biodiversity of Clerihan are suffering. The village has become disgusting due to the lack of proper disposal areas. WE NEED BINS!
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    Created by Heather Doyle
  • Petition For Ballyfermot Schools Amalgamation : Our KIDS Deserve Better
    Our Kids Deserve Better : We must Ensure the Proper Facilities are there for our Kids And Staff. : Canteen : Gym : Sports Facilities : Proper Facilities for Staff and Parents : Car Parking : Etc . . . !
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    Created by Brid Smith
  • Homophobic bullying helpline.
    Homophobia in schools has effected many students all over Ireland,some students mental health becoming permanently destroyed in the process. From calling someone gay for liking something stereotypically male or female to calling someone homophobic slurs and telling them there "not valid" and "doing it for attention", homophobic bullying is a horrible thing that should happen to NOBODY. In recent years the government has tried to combat this, but there is still a lot of work to do. I think i good way to help would be, by making a country wide helpline for students suffering from homophobic bullying in schools, it would be confidential and easy for all students of any age to access, say next to the principles office there could be a poster with the phone number for the helpline on it. There are already lots of helplines for young people like SpunOut and belong-too but, I think that there should be a helpline solely dedicated to helping this issue. I wouldn't think a helpline would be hard to set up, its not like im asking for a country wide change of all the rules, So please don't let this petition be unnoticed, this is a really serious problem the NEEDS to be solved. Thank you.
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    Created by Kate McEnore
    To all the students that will miss him dearly
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    Created by Aaron Leonard
  • Reinstate the Eviction Ban
    It is essential to keep the eviction ban to prevent people from being thrown into Homelessness in these very difficult times. This lifting of the evictions ban shows how callous this government is when it comes to the welfare of ordinary people. There is no justification for lifting the evictions ban now as we are still in a Pandemic and still in a housing crisis.
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    Created by Brid Smith
  • Domestic abuse and housing barriers
    I am currently in this situation and I am very upset and may lose the allocation and be forced to stay in my current address which is not safe. It is so important to safeguard the victim and not make their situation more difficult and make it easier as they are very vulnerable and need support and a straight forward process.
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    Created by Rachel Leonard
  • Halt the sale of mass new developments to private investors for rent.
    There is already a massive housing shortage in this country, for any available housing to fall into the hands of private investors so they can exploit the Irish public is simply inexcusable & will absolutely plummet this housing market into a completely unaffordable state, leaving Ireland in the hands of vultures and faceless landlords. To be clear this is not simply an objection to the "Built to Rent" market which in itself raises enormous issues, this is normal rural and urban housing estates of family homes being built and marketed to the public only to be then allocated to foreign private investors to rent.
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    Created by Ruth Cotter
  • Stop artificial Covid 19 vaccine scarcity
    The current model of vaccine production controlled by a handfull of pharmaceutical companies will be unable to meet global needs until 2024. In the presence of ongoing high level of viral transmission we are likely to see viral variants emerge which will be immune to vaccines currently in use. In the words of Dr Mike Ryan WHO- 'nobody is safe until everybody is safe'
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    Created by Kieran Harkin
  • Stop the Closure of the Aughagad Link Road
    This road provides a safer turning point for all residents turning onto the N15 going to Grange and to Sligo Town. The council gave very little notice of the road closure to those of us living in the area. They have made claims of increasing safety by implementing a right hand turning lane but this has not yet been done. How can they make this claim and close a road prior to their so-called better safety measures being implemented. Please sign this petition!
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    Created by Fiona Hargadon