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To: Irish Government

Public Inquiry Into Tusla Petition

We are asking the Irish Government to hold a public inquiry into the litany of failures in how Tusla operates documented in numerous reports including Mr. Justice Charleton's disclosures Tribunal Report and The Alliance of Birth Mothers Campaigning For Justice Report, THE TRIAD RULES.

Why is this important?

The failures of mothers and babies in the past in being excused on the grounds of ignorance. Future generations will never forgive this generation for a failure to hold TUSLA to account for it's incompetence to parents and children.

TUSLA'S remit is very far reaching covering areas beyond child protection and welfare including domestic sexual and gender based violence services, retention of adoption records, early years services and education welfare.

TUSLA is responsible for the most venerable members of our society, OUR CHILDREN,PAST AND PRESENT.
Their failures will have lasting effects for many decades into the future.
While there have been inquiries into some aspects of how TUSLA operates, there has never been a public inquiry into TUSLA as an overall body.


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