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To: University of Limerick

From Boom to Bust ! Mary Harney does not deserve to be honored.

Scrap Mary Harney's Bust that they are going to have made. It's a rotten idea and an insult to all those whose lives she has ruined !

Why is this important?

Mary Harney sold every woman in Ireland down the river when she out sourced cervical smear tests to a laboratory outside of Ireland, which resulted in the death sentence of 222+ women. She was also part of this government that brought the country to its knees when her party agreed to the disastrous bank bail out. “It is a noted practice in institutions throughout the world and will leave a legacy for generations to come of those that helped to shape and build the environment they occupy. Mary Harneys legacy resulted in death and misery for many families, therefore she does not deserve to be honored in any way shape or form !
University of Limerick, Castletroy, County Limerick, Ireland

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