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To: Dublin City Council, National Transport Authority, Minister for Transport

Trial a cycle path on Dublin’s quays in 2020

We need your help to show public support to trial a cycle path on Dublin’s quays in 2020, and then look to build a wider quick-build cycle network.

The Liffey Cycle Route was adopted in the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 with the promise that a continuous and segregated cycle route would be built within the time of the plan. But the project has suffered many set backs and, last week, it was confirmed that the route is delayed yet again and now not expected to open until at least 2024.

This petition is supported by local cycling campaign groups I Bike Dublin, the Dublin Cycling Campaign, and by the national umbrella campaign group, and by transport user group the Dublin Commuter Coalition.

Why is this important?

Plans have been mulled for years to try to keep everybody happy. But an apparent solution made public in May 2019 includes removal of rows of trees, narrowing footpaths, interfering with historic bridge walls, and even the removal of some existing pedestrian crossings. And for what? The draft plans show a route which is not continuous, leaves people cycling exposed at junctions, and looks too narrow for current demand in cycling.

Often a lack of funding is given as a reason for delaying projects, but the Liffey Cycle Route has mainly suffered an issue with “politics of space” — mostly a fear of removing cars from parts of the quays despite international examples showing that this is the way to go. 

This is as much about what kind of capital city Ireland wants as it is about cycling: A car-dominated city centre or enabling sustainable transport which is better for transport capacity, health, the local air quality, and even climate change -- which is better for local residents, business, workers and tourism.  

Cycling has increased in Dublin in the last decade but the creation of safe and attractive cycle routes has remained stalled long after economic recovery while at the same time extra lanes have been added to motorways near the city. Rather then keep spending years of planning each route, Dublin needs to start a quick-build network and there's no better place to start than the quays which connects so much of the city.

We are asking that city and national authorities go back to the previous plan of continuous two-way cycle path on the quays to at least trial it for 8-12 months and then ask if people want to go back to the way things are now.


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