• Attymass Against Eirgrid 110kV Powerlines
    The North Connacht 110kV project proposes a number of overhead and underground cable corridors from Ballina to Ballaghaderreen. There are 7 corridors in total, 4 overground and 3 underground. For further details on the routes, please click on the link below to the Eirgrid North Connacht Web page and go into the virtual exhibition for further details. Attymass is an area of great natural beauty. It is also an area rich in heritage and culture. There are is also the health and welfare of the people living in the area. We are seeking to ensure that these cables go underground so we can preserve Attymass for future generations. The closing date is the 16th November and we as a community need to work together to keep Attymass beautiful and keep our community safe. Please join our petition. You can get more information on the exact route option on https://www.eirgridgroup.com/the-grid/projects/north-connacht/the-project/ Please put your name to our petition and fill out the feedback form on the website- Thank you
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    Created by Olivia Harrison
  • Implementation of Additional Leave for Pandemic Parents before April 2021
    Babies born in during the initial lockdown and their parents were isolated from crucial supports as well as family support due to the restrictions. The Government acknowledged this and agreed the additional paid leave but will not implement until April 2021 and this penalises many parents. Not everyone can afford to avail of the unpaid maternity leave entitlement either partially or in it's entirety. Parents need to be able to avail of this before returning to the workplace. Parents are only permitted to take this leave in some cases over twelve months after the birth of their children. This is unacceptable and needs to be implemented as soon as possible.
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    Created by Laura O'Connell
  • Respect Tallaght Village - No to 8 storeys. SDA/0250
    Tallaght village existed back before 800 when the Ceilí Dé established monasteries here. Since the hamlet grew into a bigger village and is now part of a town in 2020. The village area is small ( Main St, Main Rd, Old Blessington Rd, Old Greenhills are), and traditional in design and scale. The taller apartments are mostly limited to the edges and closer towards The Square. We want to retain the traditional scale and streetscape in the village. A bulky, overly modern 8 storey block does not enhance a village ! We want all development in the small village area to respect the existing streetscape not parachute in a jarring style and size. This site is the Alamo for the village. No high rise Apartments are welcome in our village. Show respect to this small corner of a growing town. Make your opposition know by supporting this petition please. !!
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    Created by Kattia Siles-Tomney
  • Save Tallaght Village
    Tallaght Community Council Believes the Plan for Esso Site, Tallaght Village is Wrong Scale and Design for Village. Decades of committees of Tallaght Community Council have championed the historic village area, more closely since the masterplan of 2006. We have brought a firm focus to trying to improve the compliance with conservation standards and retain it as a place of heritage. We do not object to the vacant site being brought into use after almost 15 years of vacancy. But this can’t be at any cost! We are objecting to the scale and lack of respectful design given its location fronting into the Main Street.
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    Created by Kattia Siles-Tomney
  • Eircom Pension Scandal
    During members active service contributions were paid into the pension fund to provide pensions and regular pension increases in parity with pay increases for members still working. This was deferred salary which was entrusted to the trustees to invest to provide the pension benefits promised. By unilaterally discontinuing these pension increases the company has declared the funds contributed to secure these increases, which belong to the scheme members, as "surplus" . In the period between 2013 and 2019 the company with the active collaboration of the trustees has diverted E109 million of these funds to its own use. In 2019 company top management awarded themselves over E100 million in bonuses. Pensioners have had no significant increases since 2008
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    Created by Martin O'Grady
    You, the Department of Education have a duty of care for the safety & protection of our children & school staff. Parents and school staff were promised “protection measures” yet none are in place. Now at level 5, there are still no safety measures and schools are reporting that when a positive case is in a classroom, they are unable to get hold of HSE and have no guidance only to get on with it and continue with positive cases within the class. NOT ACCEPTABLE.
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    Created by Teachers & Kids Lives Matter
  • Require Employers to Allow Working from Home
    Currently there is no legislation to stop employers from requiring employees to attend offices in person. This means employers are allowed to ask employees to come in if they decide creating a hot spot for virus transmission.
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    Created by Joseph Alexander
  • Stop the handover of DCC land to the John Player Factory Developers
    The development as planned is against DCC's own masterplan, contrary to an Bord Pleanalas own inspectors report and against the wishes of the entire community.
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    Created by Joseph Clarke
  • Fairness for CAO reapplicants
    To ensure that 20,201 cao applicants applying on the basis of points from previous years don't miss out on college places due to grade inflation.
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    Created by Mirabel Ogiegor
    According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1 billion cases and millions of deaths each year can be traced back to diseases originating from animal populations. In the past three decades, researchers have found more than 30 bacteria or viruses that are capable of infecting humans. Over three quarters of those are believed to have come from animal populations. And while the current pandemic may feel like a very rare happening, scientists say the pace of these pandemics is accelerating dramatically thanks to humans' ever-encroaching proximity to wildlife. "The time between these outbreaks is getting shorter and shorter," said Dr. Tracey McNamara, a professor of pathology at Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine. And it's becoming increasingly clear that these viruses aren't just a threat to our health -- they're also a threat to the global economy. "We are only able to sustain an outbreak maybe once every decade," said Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance. "The rate we are going is not sustainable." As our population continues to expand, the interactions between humans and wildlife grow closer and closer. Cutting down forests and altering habitats push animals out of their own homes and deeper into human communities. Poorly developed hygiene and sanitation systems can make it more likely for germs to build up. With humans and animals living in such close proximity, bacteria and viruses can easily jump from one species to another. Once people become infected, the increasing interconnectedness of our world makes the spread of the disease easier. People and domestic animals are able to traverse the globe in a matter of hours. Illegal trade of exotic animals can move across borders undetected, carrying with them deadly bacteria and viruses.
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    Created by Sinead Jackson
  • Support E-learning for kids during a pandemic
    Keep our kids safe, keep ourselves safe so we can keep our Ireland safe!!!
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    Created by Yana Wang
  • Call for the resignation of Dara Calleary and others who did not follow guidelines
    We need public representatives who lead by example, particularly in these difficult times. It is unacceptable that there is one rule for them and another for the general public. It's not like it was an essential event either.
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    Created by Linda Hayden