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To: Nama, Gannon Homes, Dublin City Council, Smartproperty

Growing Clongriffin

We, the residents of Clongriffin (including Beltree, Parkedge and all other areas of Clongriffin) are very pleased with the fact that more and more people are settling in the new houses and apartments in Clongriffin. However, we feel that the area is missing some of the crucial elements which are necessary in modern societies.

As Country starts reopening after Covid19 crisis, now may be a perfect moment to discuss this matter.

We believe that the area is missing schools of all levels as those in neighbouring areas do not have enough capacity and require commuting. We are asking for schools so our children can stay in the local area without a need to travel.

The building near Train Station which was supposed to be a shopping mall needs to be opened and its status resolved. Right now, it's standing as an abandoned place without any purpose. It probably has space not only for a big shop but also potentially for a Community centre, Cinema, coffee shops, clothing and sport shops, grocery, etc.

We are asking to allow opening of new business in the area such as coffee/grocery shops or any other small business ; our understanding is that they can't open due to high rental prices and we are asking those rental prices to be reduced or finding other methods of attraction.

We are asking for local Garda Station to improve security.

We are asking for additional Bus stop at Marrsfield Avenue near Vesta.

We are asking for enriching our parks and common open areas with more sports and kids facilities such as playgrounds, bicycle lanes, small soccer fields, basketball courts, gyms, etc.

We need more trash bins on our streets and common areas. Existing bins in Father Collins Park should be better positioned and more dog waste bins installed.

We are ready to participate and help in any further discussions about this matter and we appreciate your understanding and help as only together we can all achieve good standards of living and be proud of our local area.

Thanks in advance.

Residents of Clongriffin.

Why is this important?

Growing local community, business and amenities.
Clongriffin, Dublin, Ireland

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