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To: CEOs of post and parcel services

Reduce air pollution by combining delivery trips

Let customers register their preferred weekly delivery days, in order to allow multiple deliveries be made in one trip.

Why is this important?

The improvement in air quality and the reduction in vehicle traffic during the lockdown has been immense. Many more people are choosing to shop online rather than making needless journeys to shops; as a result, delivery trips have increased.

It's easily possible for a single household to receive a delivery each day of the working week, sometimes multiple drops on a single day from different companies.

Being able to declare a preference for deliveries to occur on specific days of the week would allow delivery firms to combine drops, to the benefit of road users and the quality of our air.


2021-12-22 09:51:09 +0000

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2020-06-09 11:35:17 +0100

DPD have a system like this set up already, called Parcel Wizard; so it's very much doable.