To: Gordon Sanders, CEO, Runwood Homes

Runwood Homes must pay it's own staff

Runwood Homes must pay it's own staff

Runwood Homes have an appalling record of care of our older people and should not avail of the £11.7 million grant for care homes announced by Minister for Health Robin Swann. It must pay their staff sick pay out of their considerable profits.

Why is this important?

According to their accounts, Runwood Homes made a profit of almost £15 million last year. They have a record of numerous failings and examples of poor care and ill treatment at many of the eleven care homes they run in Northern Ireland. These include Clifton Nursing Home where nine residents died of Covid 19, and which is now subject to an official review. Despite this the company are set to receive money from an £11.7 million grant from the public purse to pay staff on sick leave, and purchase specialist equipment.

Northern Ireland, UK

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