• Extend all Part 4 Tenancies
    Many tenants are being evicted because landlord currently can prevent a further Part 4 tenancy. We are in the middle of a Housing Emergency, there is no reason why a tenant should not be allowed security of tenure if the aren't in breach of their obligations as set out in the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.
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  • Save Sean Walsh Park, Tallagh
    The top nine reasons why this is important is 1) We do not want to lose the SDCC depot as this will severely erode the ability to maintain the high standards within the park thereby threatening our Green Flag status 2) We will lose the precious and unique urban farm that delights children 3) We will lose the socially inclusive community garden 4) We will lose the St John of God garden that provides horticultural therapy for people with various disabilities 5) The highly invasive Giant Knotweed is present on the site. The proposal to move it is dangerous and reckless as Whitestown Stream runs parallel to the proposed building site 6) We will lose the last remains of a 200 year old bridge that should be a protected structure 7) Every inch of Sean Walsh Park is an Objective OS zoned area i.e.to preserve and provide for open space and recreational amenities (as set out in the SDCC Development Plan 2016-2022) 8) Putting old peoples homes beside Tallaght Stadium which hosts matches regularly and will host concerts represents extremely poor planning 9) There is at least one more appropriate site available in Tallaght for the proposed Cluid development that would not not cause any of the foregoing problems and issues. *If you wish to support our offline please email info@litter-mugs.og with your name and address* See why Sean Walsh Park should be preserved from property development: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MpP7Osf3YYo
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  • Ireland for Sensible Drug Policy
    Drug Policy, and the war on drugs has had children, parents, politicians and stranger murdered in broad daylight. Thanks to gang activity, I myself shake and fear at the noise of bangers going off. The entire country lives in fear of gangs, gangs fed through drug money, drug money coming from the "black market". Little do they realise that the failing drug policy, the politicians and their lobbyists are directly financing this through their stern, "moral" views on dirty drugs. It is absolutely unacceptable. I am sick & tired of burying my friends and lending their brokenhearted families a soaking shoulder to cry on because the government failed them. The governmental position on drugs, the policy set in place in the early 1970's, has absolutely failed them. Where were you when they found their bodies, that nobody heard of because the news would rather report the stash of Class A narcotics they found in a shed, behind a burnt out house and a car filled with hand guns and machetes. Where were you and where are you now? What are you going to do to change this? My name is Sandy Brun, I am a qualified Toxicologist and I hope to graduate with a Master's degree in Neuroscience & Pharmacology. You can find me on LinkedIn. I am sick and tired of burying my friends with dirty drugs in their veins, up their noses and everywhere else. I am sick and tired of being let down by this never ending agonizing political situation that is murdering my friends and breaking the hearts of their families. I've lived in Ireland since I was 10 years old, and I've buried a friend every year since I was 13. You're so proud of the 100th 1916 Easter Rising anniversary that the country celebrated 2 years ago. You're so damn proud to be Irish. You're so damn prejudicial and soft. Stand and fight. For our sons and daughters.
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  • Stop Air BnB letting entire homes
    We know there is a housing crisis, however despite the country being covered in holiday homes, that were built with tax breaks, lot of apartments and family homes are being let through short term leasing agents such as Air BnB. There is talk of limiting the amount of time a property can be let, this will not return the properties to the housing market, nor will it reduce the price. If someone wants to make extra money by renting a room in their house that is fine. It should not be used to rent out homes, that were rented privately. We have tourists renting homes and families living in hotels, this needs to stop now. My son was renting one of two apartments above a shop, he was paying €110 per week, nothing fancy. They are now on Air BnB for €78 per night. This is driving up competition and prices in the private rental market.
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  • Eligibility for People Living With Disabilities for Household Benefits/Fuel Allowance
    We are in a housing crisis. Many people living with disabilities are forced to share accommodation. Even if they share with strangers people living with disabilities are not eligible for the Household Benefits or Fuel Allowance Package. So people who depend on electricity for medical equipment are excluded because they share accommodation. It makes no sense and feels discriminatory. Allow people living with disabilities eligibility for €35 a month for electricity and for the fuel allowance for the winter. People living with disabilities didn't chose this life and deserve not to be punished for it.
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  • Real Rent Controls Now!
    Is most of your income going on rent? Is it a struggle to have any money left over for a social life, a holiday in this lifetime, or to save anything after you've made rent? There is now a whole generation of people for whom security, having a home of their own or starting a family is starting to seem more and more like a pipe dream. Landlords have been taking advantage of the housing crisis to push up rent, with the average one bedroom apartment now at a shocking €1,459 per month in Dublin; €926 in Cork City; €848 in Galway City; €791 in Limerick City and €663 in Waterford City. This is appalling and must be stopped. Introduce real rent controls now!
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  • Take Action Against Masked Gardaí & Private Security Forcibly Removing Housing Activists!
    It's imperative in a democratic country that police are transparent with and accountable to the people. Gardaí wearing masks and supporting private security action against activists is totally unacceptable. Landlords should not be able to use the Gardaí to enforce their will on the Irish people.
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    Incineration is TOXIC. Do not believe the authorities and Politicians.
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  • Save our home
    **WE NEED SUPPORT TO SAVE OUR HOME** This is our story: With rents soaring to an all time high and mortgages becoming harder to obtain, we needed a plan. Like most people our age, renting in the private sector whilst also trying to save became impossible. That's when the idea of temporarily living in a cabin (to the rear of a privately owned home) to continue to save up for our own home, became appealing. If fortunate enough to be in a position to do this, that's great. The council will not have a problem with it nor will they approach you. Planners acknowledge the proliferation of log cabins across the city. If no objections are made they can turn a blind eye. However, if there is an objection.. Then it becomes a "planning issue". Which brings us to our current situation, in short.. DCC enforcement have ordered the cabin to be removed on the basis of one complaint, from one neighbour. There's not much need to go into details but everyone who is familiar with the situation has seen first hand how this particular neighbour has treated myself and my family throughout this ordeal and I can only hope that they hang their head in shame at their disgusting behaviour. We're calling on the council to relax the laws and clarify the grey area regarding permission for these sorts of temporary structures at the upcoming meeting on 25th september. I'm not suggesting allowing these structures is going to fix the housing crisis. There are record numbers nearing 20,000 on Dublin City councils housing list. 1,338 families with 2,886 children are living in homeless accommodation in the Dublin area. Building houses is the only real solution but Ireland does not have a public housing system to meet the needs of society and the countries housing crisis is most likely down to housing being treated as a commodity rather than a human right. It's simply not acceptable. The right to housing is recognised by the United Nations (article 25 in the universal declaration of human rights) and the UN have been active in highlighting homelessness as a VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Being deprived of a home gives rise to a social identity through which "the homeless" is constituted as a social group subject to discrimination and stigmatisation. This housing crisis affects people in so many different ways, and it's going to continue to affect us and have a knock on affect for years to come. Most frightening, its damaging the children, the youth of this country and in turn the future of this country. If by allowing these structures temporarily will help even a few families avoid being part of these statistics.. It's worth it right? Because every family matters. Just one of the many "immediate obligation of states" from the UN is to eliminate the practice of forced eviction, especially when it would lead to homelessness. I believe that having a place to call home is the most fundamental of human rights. For me personally a "home" is somewhere safe and secure where my two boys can feel comfortable and be themselves. This is exactly what we have provided for them as our response to this housing crisis and we won't let it be taken away from them without a fight. Please help us raise awareness on this and show your support by signing our petition..thank you!
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  • Support Stamp 3 - Spouse/Dependent Visa Holders for the Right to Work
    We did not relocate to Ireland to lose our careers! Many highly skilled and talented non-EU professionals are forced to find jobs in other countries due to dissatisfaction among their spouses, coupled with insufficient single person income and high cost of living. Staff retention is one of the toughest challenges faced by Irish businesses in 2018. We are not demanding any special status or advantage for the spouses - only the RIGHT TO WORK AND PAY TAXES in Ireland. Stamp 3 holders are spouses/partners/dependents of non-EU Critical and General work permits holders, who relocated to Ireland with their families as they are qualified and skilled professionals. When many of our families took a decision regarding whether or not to consider relocating to Ireland, we referred to sources such as the Citizens Information website, which states “The scheme makes it easier for eligible spouses, partners and dependents to access employment”. However, a different reality hit us after relocating. Despite the level of education, professional background and years of experience, we are not considered for jobs even when we have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience for it and can bring diversity to the table. We had options but we chose Ireland. Let us Work, Integrate and Contribute! Recruiters seek only Stamp 4 and EU nationals, and discriminate against Stamp 3 holders. Most employers are not willing to wait for us to obtain a work permit after we get an offer letter, especially given that many of us have non-critical skills. They expect us to have an existing authorization to work and join in 2-3 weeks at most. It impacts our careers, our mental health and the lives of our families. Eventually, if we cannot settle here, we will be forced to take our families (Irish employed workforce) to other countries in which family integration is supported. We need a solution and your support to help us to integrate into Irish society and revive our careers!
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  • #RestoretheYouthSafetyNet
    Jobseekers who are aged 18-24 years and are not in education or employment receive a reduced allowance of €107.70 per week and €152.80 for those aged 25, compared to €198 for all adults over 26. Young jobseekers under 26 living independently in Ireland cannot afford a rent contribution along with the cost of bills and food. We believe that this age-discrimination is pushing vulnerable young adults who are at risk further into consistent poverty, and hampering them from finding employment and exiting poverty and often times homelessness. Crosscare work with young adult Jobseekers under 26 who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless. There are three main groups of young adult Jobseekers who are particularly at risk: • Those who are experiencing homelessness and residing in homeless services • Those leaving State Care who are excluded from the TUSLA Aftercare Allowance • Those who have received International Protection in Ireland and must move to independent living We are asking Minister Doherty to restore the full rate of Jobseekers Allowance for all young adults from 18-26 years - in particular for these 3 groups. We have worked with these young people to produce two short videos to illustrate how the current allowance has impacted their lives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUkj0Q9rJk8&feature=youtu.be Joe's Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bexfQKulthk Najma's Story Please sign our petition to ask the Irish Government to #RestoretheYouthSafetyNet and give these Young People at risk the support that they need.
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  • Pope Francis, don't let homeless families get kicked out of their accomodation
    People who are homeless deserve better. If families who have been made homeless are forced out of their emergency accommodation in hotels during the Pope's visit - then many of them will end up in Garda Stations, with nowhere to go.
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