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To: Cork County Council

Stop the Restriction of Planning Permission in Rural West Cork

Allow more planning permission in rural West Cork - make it easier for people to provide their own homes

Why is this important?

Many people are now homeless. Some are literally appealing to peoples' kindness to let them stay with them because they have nowhere to go after a landlord ends their tenancy. Available rental housing is at an all time low, and the need for it is extremely high. Local authority housing is like gold dust. Mostly landlords are either selling their property or they're turning to the Air BnB model to earn more money. This situation is hiking up the cost of renting a home, and buying an existing house is often far out of reach. This situation is exacerbated by planning restrictions in rural areas. Many people would take care of their own housing needs by buying a small plot of rural land if they could get planning for a low-cost dwelling that is fitting in its surroundings. There is ample land lying idle in West Cork, whilst rural communities are dwindling and people hopes for the safety of a home are dying. This is an easily solvable situation, if the people with the power would only do the right thing. It's up to us to help them make the correct decisions.

Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland

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