• Clean & Fix Dublin 8 playgrounds
    Children, parents and grandparents are tripping over pot holes in the playground rubber surface. Childrens clothes are covered in green slime from the moss on climbing frames. Some playgrounds have burnt equipment that has still not been repaired. There can be broken glass in playgrounds. Summer is coming and the children of Dublin 8 need safe and clean places to play. The Dublin 8 playgrounds that need attention are in the following locations - Oliver Bond Flats block CDE - Oliver Bond Flats block RST - Tyrone Place 3 playgrounds & pitch - Watling Street playground - School Street playground - Bridgefoot St Playground - Island Bridge Court playground - Inchicore Community Centre basketball pitch (pothole & gate locked by health & safety officer) - Oisin Kelly Park pitch & playground covered in weeds, pothole, broken glass, burnt out - Weaver Park playground equipment burnt out - Vicar St Playground pitch & playground - Poole St Pitch & playground
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Help the Kevin Family Stay in their Home
    This petition is set up to show support for the Kevin family who are residing in 22 Woodview Close, Nenagh. We are pleading with the Council to be compassionate with this case. We are hoping that the family will not be evicted or forcibly removed from the home the family has lived in for over 25 years. The tragedies that the Kevin family has endured over the last 11 years are unimaginable. The untimely death of their beloved son and brother, Alan, in 2013, left the family buried in grief. Tommy Kevin (their father) was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer in July 2017 and underwent gruelling treatments which left him very sick and frail. Catherine Kevin (their mother) was also very sick with cancer, as yet undiagnosed, at that time. Paul moved back home early in 2020 to help his brothers care for both parents who were weak and unable to manage their day-to-day needs. Tommy sadly passed away in August 2021, having suffered in terrible pain at the end of his life. Paul gave up his full-time job completely in November 2021 to care for his mother as she was not coping well after her beloved Tommy’s death. Unfortunately, Catherine passed away only eight months after Tommy in April 2022, also in painful and difficult circumstances, leaving Paul and the entire family completely distraught. The last thought in his mind throughout all of this was the tenancy on the house. His sole mission was to care for his parents, and the death of his mother, in particular, was highly traumatic and unexpected. The entire family was again plunged into grief and all sense of normalcy was destroyed. Paul’s brother, Brian, was officially a Council occupant in the house and had lived in the house since he was a child with his parents and siblings. Brian tried to secure full tenancy via a succession application but found the process difficult and stressful. Having been refused succession by the Council, Brian sadly gave up the tenancy early in 2023. Throughout all of this, Paul and Shauna continued to faithfully pay rent to the council while they tried to work on a solution. They had given up their HAP accommodation at this point due to the financial stress of paying rent on two properties. Shauna had also given birth to a beautiful baby boy, named Tom for his grandfather, in November 2022. Brian, and Paul and Shauna, have returned all the documentation that was asked of them by the Council. They have tried hard to navigate a complex and difficult process to retain the family home. Paul and Shauna have even accepted that they may need to find alternative accommodation and have been searching for a rental property since July 2023 but cannot find one. There are almost no properties to be found, and anything that is available is far out of their budget, even with financial assistance from HAP. They have now accepted that they may have to part with their family pet in order to be accepted for a private tenancy. A number of properties have passed them by due to poor coordination from the Council, which is essential for a HAP tenancy. All the while, the Council has applied pressure on the family to leave the property, with a Court Order to appear in Nenagh District Court on 11th April for the purpose of seeking an eviction order. Shauna is originally from Charleville and her family mostly live in the UK now; while Paul’s parents are deceased. They do not have anywhere to go and face the prospect of going into homelessness. The couple’s second baby, a little girl, was due to arrive on 14th March and will surely be here by the time the court date comes around. Shauna faces the prospect of going to court with a newborn to be evicted with nowhere to go. It is a harrowing prospect for this young family who have tried to do the right thing by Paul’s parents in their hour of need. To make all of the above worse, each of Paul and Shauna have diagnosed medical conditions that place them under significant strain. For privacy reasons they are not detailed in this petition, however the Council is aware of the severity of their illnesses, and the effect they have on their day to day lives. The sole property that the Council showed the family as an alternative was in an old building, poorly maintained and with significant mould and damp. The apartment the family were shown was up three flights of stairs. Shauna simply would not be able to manage this physically and it would put her health at risk. Even worse, young Tom has asthma and requires an inhaler. The damp and mould would likely make him very sick, and the couple were concerned for their imminent new arrival. They regretfully declined this property. Tipperary County Council has not shown them any other properties. We, concerned neighbours of the Kevin family, would like to ask you to sign your name and address at the bottom of this petition to plead the family’s case with the Council. We will then deliver this petition to the Council and ask that it be placed on file for the Kevin Family’s housing application, and that consideration is given to giving the family a tenancy at the house their family has been paying rent, never without a delay or issue, to the Council for over 25 years (38 years when we consider the tenancy Tommy and Catherine first held before their family grew too big and they moved to Woodview Close). Surely this family deserves some consideration to be allowed to stay in the family home.
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    Created by Andrea DeVito
  • Extend the Development Contribution Waiver
    Self-builders are saving between €7k and €30k+ thanks to the development contribution waiver. It's been extended until the end of 2024, which is great news for those who are at the planning stage or looking for a builder to hire. With construction costs high and builders hard to get, we need the waiver permanently instated those building a new family home.
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  • Use Galway's Public Land for Universal Public Housing!
    The potential for Universal Public Housing exists in Galway, and indeed across Ireland - all that's missing is the political will! Signing this petition can help build the demand that will create that will. Together we need to demand UP Housing!
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    Created by Ian Ó Dálaigh
  • Chapel Road pathway to Portmarnock train station
    1. Hundreds of people living on Chapel road are dependent on cars to get access to a train station only a short distance away ( less than 2k) . 2. People risk their lives every day walking or cycling on treacherous Chapel road which has no paths, cycleways, street lights and poor drainage. 3. Poor parking at Portmarnock train station means Chapel road residents have limited options for commuting into work. 4. Chapel road residents have a right to be able to choose walking and cycling to help support positive climate change . 5. Stop climate pollution from unnecessary car journeys . Research has shown access to public transport significantly cuts car journeys . 6. Fingal County council have failed to listen to Chapel road residents and implementation of local area plan active travel development .
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    Created by Sharon Finn
  • Call a General Election: People deserve a better life.
    The current government have failed the people. Please leave a comment on this petition sharing the reasons why you have signed.
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    Created by Ross McGann
  • Reverse the Hubble Rent Hike
    Students in Galway are already paying some of the highest rents and tution fees in Europe, and yet this accommodation provider deems it's appropriate to take advantage of the severe lack of suitable accommodation in this city and increase their rents. This will not be taken lightly, and we ask you to sign this petition to show this provider it's not acceptable.
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    Created by Dean Kenny
  • The removal of Joe Biden mural in Ballina
    Having a large mural of US president Joe Biden in Ballina reflects very badly on the people of Ballina, Mayo and Ireland who hold very different views to Joe regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
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    Created by Paul Ginty
    ✍🏼… this criminal fraud investigation by An Garda Síochána can help unravel the “fraudulent misrepresentation” by the Vulture Funds
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  • Action needed for derelict buildings in Youghal Co. Cork
    Many of you will know my parents Thomas and Maura Walsh, they have lived at 31 Friar Street for the past 52 years, they take pride in their house and maintain it to a good standard. They have worked hard, pay their taxes including their property tax. They are adjoined to 30 Friar Street, once a historical building now vacant and left to ruin. Living next to a derelict building has a very negative impact if you are attached. 30 Friar Street has no roof therefore the weather is causing the interior of the building to collapse causing damp and infestation of rodents especially in the winter months. Going to bed every night not knowing if the wall your bed is against may collapse is very stressful for my parents. This is compounded by the concerns over the potential danger to pedestrians if the beam collapses and falls through one of the front windows onto Friar Street. My father has asked the town hall councillors for help over this matter for over three years. As there has been no action to remedy any of the safety concerns he has asked me to help. Since January 2023 we have contacted the Councillors at Youghal town hall, the Garda station, requested freedom of information (FOI), Ombudsman, Director of service, East Cork Municipal District officer, CEO Cork County Council. Ireland have a Derelict site act and a Local government (Sanitary Services) Act 1964 that can be served on behalf of the Town council to ensure the safety of buildings to prevent public liability. A notice was served to the owner of 30 Friar Street in September 2022 with 8 weeks to respond. The owners of the property did not respond to the request. My parents were told that under Tort law it is their responsibility for the upkeep of their property and to go after the owners themselves if the property is causing a nuisance! However the Director of Service has promised some remedial work but this has not happened. We have 25 vacant properties in Youghal and about 9 could be defined as derelict. Without the support of the Town Hall to use the law to protect this town and its residents these buildings are going to become liabilities for all and health and safety hazards for those in close proximity. As we have failed to progress this matter using all avenues available to us, resulting in no signs of a resolution or progress in any form, could we please ask for your help and support? 30 Friar Street is at risk of further deterioration and potential collapse in the coming months. The facade of the building is listed due to its historic interest. There are likely many other buildings across our town with similar fates. If you think that Cork County Council should prioritise the plight of derelict buildings, could you please sign this petition as putting pressure on this issue may support my parents and the health and safety risks they inevitability face as the building continues to deteriorate.
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    Created by Irene Karrouze
  • Roscommon needs more homes
    Roscommon is suffering from a chronic shortage of liveable homes, with virtually no new housing estates being developed. Our county is now officially the worst place in Ireland for new builds, according to the Irish Independent. To add insult to injury, there are more than 4,000 vacant homes in Roscommon. We call on Roscommon County Council to take action on vacancy and dereliction, to build more public homes, and to do more to encourage developers to build affordable homes in our county.
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Trinity - Abolish the Overnight Guests Policy!
    The accommodation Trinity so graciously provides its students is overpriced and dingy, with terrible WiFi, frequently malfunctioning utilities and an almost non-existent maintenance system. On top of the conditions in these flats, we as residents are subjected to arbitrary limitations on our autonomy and personal lives such as the overnight guests policy. The policy of not letting students sign in guests after 11pm at Halls, and 12am on campus disproportionately limits the rights and autonomy of student residents. It is a paternalistic, dangerous and hypocritical policy. Firstly, it is paternalistic because it does not treat students as adults capable of making their own choices. Secondly, it is dangerous because someone might need to sleep at a resident’s place, such as in cases where they miss their public transport and cannot get home. Rejecting them from a safe place to sleep is unacceptable. It makes no sense in terms of controlling numbers because overnight guests can simply come on campus before midnight - as such, in any case, this policy is ineffective and only serves to put us in danger. Thirdly, it is hypocritical because the same policy does not apply to staff living on campus, such as lecturers or Fellows. The issue has been raised to the TCDSU by multiple student residents over a number of years, and as such we immediately call on College to change the policy to allow student residents to sign in guests any time. Finally, students should be allowed on-campus any time to access the 24/7 library, society rooms and to leave to get food and return when studying overnight in these places. College claims that they are doing this for our 'security' and our 'ability to study' and to not be 'disturbed'. They claim that they are doing this for our benefit. Yet, this is just a paternalistic control mechanism that College applies to us in order to limit our autonomy and indoctrinate us into following authority, forming part of a larger trend to make education a factory process to mould us into the ideal future workers. We, the undersigned, categorically state that we do not want the overnight guests policy, that we are well able to deal with overnight guests coming into our flats and that we reject the paternalistic embrace of College.
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