• From Boom to Bust ! Mary Harney does not deserve to be honored.
    Mary Harney sold every woman in Ireland down the river when she out sourced cervical smear tests to a laboratory outside of Ireland, which resulted in the death sentence of 222+ women. She was also part of this government that brought the country to its knees when her party agreed to the disastrous bank bail out. “It is a noted practice in institutions throughout the world and will leave a legacy for generations to come of those that helped to shape and build the environment they occupy. Mary Harneys legacy resulted in death and misery for many families, therefore she does not deserve to be honored in any way shape or form !
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    Created by Siobhan Walsh
  • Issue Michael creed minister for agriculture with p45
    Its extremely important that farmers take the time to sighn this petition , as I feel its the first step and only step in rectifying the great imbalances that farmers are experiencing, when we as independent farmers elect our own representative to hold position as minister for agriculture, then we as a farming community can work towards resolving farmers issues re instating farmers rights equality something that is being rashioned at present, we can resolve the great imbalances being experienced
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    Created by Peter Curran
  • Stop Council Rent Rise
    Many people in our community are already struggling to make ends meet. This rent increase will add pressure to already struggling families and individuals living in council housing.
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    Created by Kellie Sweeney
    Rent should not take more than one third of anybody’s income. If it does so, you could be falling below the poverty line. Irish rents have reached crazy levels and they sometimes eat up nearly half of many tenants' income. The high rents mean that you can never save enough money for a deposit on a house. You will be stuck in a rent trap for the rest of your life. One in three TDs from Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are landlords – and so they have a vested interest in voting down measures that really control rent. We need a big people power movement to change all this. If you want proper rent controls that allow for downward adjustments on rents, please sign this petition. And then join the people’s movement to control rents.
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    Created by Rent Controls
  • O'Devaney Gardens, Land, Say No To Crumbs
    Ireland needs homes for the many thousands of homeless families and children ASAP, However we need an action plan implemented immediately. This government and its policy makers need State land to build homes. As a State, we need to be turning to the Europe bank for a lone to build state homes for our people. If we give away our State land to private developers, we are literally telling the many thousands of homeless families and children in Ireland that we do not care. We must call on all TD, and Councillors to seek change to the homeless crises and the best place to start is with the O’Devaney Gardens lands and seek a significantly higher amount of social housing for this bad deal with Bartra Capital Development, or take the deal of the table.
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    Created by Anthony Mc Creery
  • Save Our City! Call for a referendum on the sell-off of public land
    10,000 people are waiting for social housing in Dublin, and 70% of young Dubliners cannot access secure, affordable, quality housing. The solution to this is to build public housing on public land. Unfortunately, in places like O'Devaney Gardens, politicians and council officials are giving the land we own - and need - over for private development. A referendum can send a clear message about the policy Dubliners want to see from all four local authorities - and set a new direction for housing in Dublin.
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    Created by Éilis Ryan
  • Real Affordable Houses NOW!
    Irish people and also many new residents in Ireland have become HOSTAGES of GREEDY LANDLORDS. SO many needed professionals are leaving Ireland for good because they are unable to make the money for the deposit to buy their first property and EVEN WORSE..... They are afraid of becoming the NEW HOMELESS. We have seen so many people with good jobs paying over 1.200 euros per month rent and trying to survive with what is left of it. Try saving money for a deposit to get into a mortgage is JUST IMPOSSIBLE. Living with your parents is not an option (Parents die, live in a different country or in many cases people never had parents. Most of the time, people are THE PARENTS trying not to become HOMELESS to protect their CHILDREN). Ireland has created the UNTHINKABLE! In any other country, homeless people are usually single people who never went to school or never had a chance to go to school, people who can not get a job or drug addicted. But in Ireland, homeless people actually have a job, usually paid a lot of money to rent a place before becoming homeless and were HOSTAGES of their landlord for a good while. The ones that are not homeless, they are afraid of becoming homeless. The government says that there are not enough houses, but the truth is that there are many houses for sales, people are just UNABLE to buy a property because it is an impossible task to make a deposit for a mortgage while you pay over 1.200 euros rent!!! And the current schemes available ARE JUST NOT HELPING AT ALL!!!!! Even if they BUILD thousands of houses in one month, the number of homeless people will only increase because THE ONES WHO actually NEED to HAVE their first property, they will not afford to buy it, while the rich landlords will buy all of it and rent for WHATEVER PRICE they WANT!!!! WE ARE HOSTAGES of a very stupid system. Please, let's claim for a change NOW. People can not put up with this any longer!
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    Created by Erick Rosa de Miranda
  • An Education, Health & Care plan to be legal right of every child and young person in Ireland
    In Ireland up to 1,000 children a year are being forced to stay at home because they cannot get a school place. Overwhelmingly, it is children with special educational needs (SEN) - often those with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) - who are worst hit. Every child and young person with special educational, health and care needs to have the extra support and interventions which will help the child or young person to achieve what they want to in their life. We propose a viable solution for this, an Education, Health & Care (EHC) plan to be the legal and statutory right for every child or young person in Ireland, whose special educational needs require more help than would normally be provided in a mainstream education setting (a college, school, nursery). Annual review of the plan The plan will be reviewed at least once a year. At the end of the review the local authority may make changes to the plan, end it or leave it unchanged. How long will the plan last? The plan will remain in place until your child leaves education or the local council decides that your child no longer needs the plan to help them in their education. If you move to another local council the plan will be transferred. How will the benefits of the EHCp be reinforced? A specialist Tribunal will be in place (which is essentially a no costs jurisdiction) where parents and young persons can challenge the contents of a plan If provision in a plan is not provided, the Local Council (who maintain all such documents) can be challenged by way of Judicial Review or a referral to the Local Government Ombudsman. Once a petition has been published, it will be open to signatures for six months. * At 10,000 signatures, the government will formally respond. * At 100,000 signatures, the request will be considered by the Petitions Committee for debate in Dail. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND SUPPORT EVERY CHILD AND YOUNG PERSON IN IRELAND TO HAVE THE LEGAL AND STATUTORY RIGHT TO AN EDUCATIONAL, HEALTH AND CARE PLAN.
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    Created by Cork Autism Conference Picture
  • Stop St Helen's Court Eviction
    We, the undersigned, note: - The tenants of St Helen’s Court are threatened with eviction by a vulture fund - The current Notice to Quit is the fourth attempt in 3 years by vulture funds to evict these tenants - The current vulture fund and the one that previously owned the apartments are exploiting various loop holes in the residential tenancies legislation to bully and harass these tenants - The harassment is working and, so far, ten tenants have left the complex and found tenancies elsewhere - The remaining ten tenants are resisting the attempt to evict them and expect a hearing in the Residential Tenancies Board in the coming weeks We call on the Minister - To intervene in this situation and ensure Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council buy the apartments to provide affordable homes for these tenants. - Amend the current legislation to remove the loopholes that are currently being exploited by unscrupulous landlords and vulture funds. - Initiate legislation to outlaw all economic evictions.
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    Created by Melisa Halpin
  • Save O'Devaney Gardens
    Dublin Council will meet to vote on O'Devany land on 7 October. They're under pressure to deliver homes but we can give them a reason to vote in favour of social housing instead - public land shouldn't be used for private profit. Dozens of Dublin Councillors signed the People's Housing Plan, a pledge to build public homes we can all afford and communities of equals - made up of people from all walks of life. That’s why we have to make our voices heard, to give them the courage they need to fight like hell for the city we all need and deserve. We'll have a day of action in Stoneybatter to Save O'Devany. Join us on 2 October, sign the petition and stand up for better housing now. [1] https://www.rte.ie/radio/utils/share/radio1/21619033
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  • Declare Dublin a Sanctuary City
    The rise of racism in Dublin is something we are all very worried about. Last week, we saw Nazi salutes on Barrow street, and now we're seeing immigration officers operating out of Dublin Regional Homelessness Executive offices to target migrants experiencing homelessness. Dublin should be a welcoming city, that stands up to racism in all its forms; from the far right organising on our streets, to the National Government using their powers to target migrants in need of housing. Declaring Dublin a Sanctuary City could be the first step in making sure Ireland is a welcoming country that rejects racism in all its forms.
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  • Support Tenants Against Vulture Funds
    Val Issuer DAC are a vulture fund operating in Dublin, attempting to illegally evict over 80 rent paying and law-abiding tenants, including 20 children, for profit. This case involving Val Issuer DAC is horrendous but sadly representative of a much deeper crisis of evictions across the country. Evictions like those being pushed by O'Sullivan and Val Issuer DAC are the biggest factor driving people becoming homeless in Ireland. To stem the tide, People Before Profit - Solidarity TDs tabled an Anti-Eviction Bill in 2018 to ban evictions into homelessness by closing loopholes like the infamous "reneviction" clause of the Residential Tenancies Act. This bill was voted through two stages in the Dáil by majority and should be enacted into legislation but the Government has stalled it using anti-democratic procedures - just like they have with 65 other pieces of legislation brought by opposition TDs. First and foremost we are calling on Val Issuer DAC to drop the evictions of tenants from South Richmond street, Grove Park and Rosedale Terrace. We also call on the government and particularly, Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy to take action to properly address the epidemic of evictions, particularly by vulture funds, accordingly, we demand: 1) Immediately enact the 2018 Anti-Eviction Bill. 2) Close Tax Loopholes like Section 110 that are used by investors to avoid tax liability in Ireland. 3) Regulate to ban REITs, vulture funds and other predatory investors from the Irish market and take their housing stock into public ownership as public housing and/or state administered mortgages.
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    Created by Oppose Vulture Funds