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To: Regina Doherty, Minister for Social Protection and Heather Humphreys, Business, Enterprise & Innovation

Let employers top up the COVID-19 Unemployment Payment

Allow employers to pay full wages of their staff - and reimburse them after.

€203 per week simply isn't enough to live on. In other European countries, people who have lost their jobs temporarily as a result of COVID-19 will keep getting paid up to 80% of their wages. Now is not the time to punish employers who want to keep paying their staff.

Why is this important?

Nobody should be forced into poverty because of COVID-19. But, right now, employers will be penalised for topping up the poverty payment of €203 per week that temporarily laid of staff are entitled to during the pandemic.

If they give their employers extra money, the company won't be entitiled to any refunds. That's why we're calling on Regina Doherty to allow employers to pay their staff their full wages - and reimburse them for the full cost.


2020-06-09 15:34:17 +0100

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