• End Academy Walk Management Presence in Hazelwood Student Accommodation
    As Welfare Officer in DCUSU, I have received endless complaints of Academy Walk Management and Lettings Ltd keeping €500 deposits if a student backs out, despite having a waiting list, and providing extortionate fines for ludicrous instances. These include taking a resident's bike claiming that he parked it on private property, charging €100 fine for having a can of Coke and a packet of cigarettes on the ground for a 'fire hazard' and charging up to €500 for having friends over at a variety of times. All provided by students in emails and reviews on Google. It started with keeping the deposits ''because they can''. It escalated with the unnecessary and extortionate fines. We the students are not here to fuel the pockets of the rich and demand better. We demand that Academy Walk Management and Lettings Ltd end operations in Hazelwood and that the landlords operating under their services go to a more student friendly service such as Mike Harrington Property Management immediately.
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  • Allow Paddy Flynn attend secondary school
    Only 13% of Travellers complete formal education in comparison with 92% of the general population. 7 out of 10 Traveller children live in families where their mother has no formal education or primary level education only. By refusing Paddy entry to secondary school the message is being sent to all Traveller children that they are not wanted. His parents can not read or write - they didn't understand that there was a cut off point. Being refused entry will have a terrible effect on his live and future prospects. http://www.rte.ie/news/2016/0829/812760-traveller-school/
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    Created by Sally Flynn
  • Save The Meadows, Merlin Park Galway
    Merlin Park meadows has been conserved as a public amenity space for many generations and is a vital green space for the people of Galway. With 84 acres of land already zoned for development within the Merlin Park hospital complex, it will have an adverse impact on the community - once it is gone, it can never be replaced. With the expansion of housing and commercial lands surrounding the area, it is a healthy environment for the ever increasing population who depend on it as an escape from polluted environments, a place for mental relaxation and physical activity. Along with the Merlin Park Woods it is the only known habitat in the city where Red Squirrel are thriving and sightings from other areas of the city are of roadkill. It is home to thousands of mammals and wildlife species such as butterflies, bumblebees and dragonflies providing a safe haven for them with huge declines in the number of these species and many threatened species in recent years. It is home to a variety of Orchids and wildflowers similar to the protected Burren in Co Clare. This is a very unique meadow within the city of Galway and is totally natural. Galway has been awarded the European Green Leaf Award for 2017, to allow development on public land and destroy this meadow would totally go against this.
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  • Amateur Boxing Rules - Unfair Decisions
    The decisions that in amateur sport of boxing are making a mockery of the sport. How can one country appoint 7 of its own members into a committee into a ruling body and then make a decision that no boxer can make inquiry into the decision that has been made. Just look at the decisions that were made in the so called fair Olympics. A complete mockery of boxing is going on and has to be stopped before amateur boxing is destroyed.
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  • Bring 200 Unaccompanied Children to Ireland from Calais Camp
    Ireland has the capacity and resources to offer hundreds of unaccompanied children refuge. We have one of the strongest care systems in Europe to deal with unaccompanied minors and therefore, the potential to offer these children homes, a sense of community, support and a future (3).
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  • Take a Stand for Palestine
    Thanks to anti-apartheid activism by Mary Robinson and others, in the 1980s Trinity College ended research ties with South African universities until equality was introduced and human rights were respected in that country. Now, in 2016, ordinary Palestinians face discrimination and upheaval from Israel on a constant basis. Speaking in July about the devastation inflicted on Gaza, outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described Israel's policies against the Palestinian people as collective punishment. The situation for ordinary Arab families living in Israel and Palestine is heartbreaking! But we can take a stand for Palestinian rights. TCD's research partners in Israel in the past have included the weapons manufacturer Elbit Security Systems and The Israeli Security and Counter-Terrorism Academy. Today, Trinity's strongest links are with the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which has built part of its campus on illegal settlement lands. It's time to take a stand for Palestine! Mary Robinson is a champion of global justice, but she's also the Chancellor of TCD, University of Dublin. Call on her to bring an end to research ties between TCD and Israel until the human rights of Palestinians are respected.
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    Created by Ciaran O'Rourke
  • Stop Angus Buchan speaking in Kilkenny
    Angus Buchan claims to be able to cure homosexuality, and he does so stating "homosexuality is against the word of god, I'm not doing this for money I'm doing this because God told me to" GCN 12/08/16. Buchan speaking to a mixed sex audience urged wives in the audience to be more "feminine" and not to criticise their partners. In addition he demanded that husbands physically discipline their children without their wives "interfering" Buchan has been banned from speaking at a similar event in Scotland http://www.kaleidoscot.com/scotland-says-no-to-homophobic-pastor-angus-buchan-7725
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  • Save Our Park
    The people of this community have the lowest density of green space in the state. The council refuse to discuss their plans for the site and intend to sell the land to developers. They are threatening to close a Community Garden which is thriving by delaying the allocation of allotments to residents of the Community that have applied. The area is socially deprived and has .7 % of green space per resident when the World Health Organisation recommends 9% per resident pet community.
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  • Public register for animal abusers and murderers
    Animals are beautiful and their lives matter, no one should be allowed to get off from abusing them. Even if they are charged with abuse we never hear about it. I believe a public register may in some way reduce the cruelty to these helpless animals.All animals deserve to live free from fear and the people who abuse them need to be outed. I don't believe the laws regarding animal abuse is strong enough in Ireland. So please please bring this law in and leave god's creatures to live their lives. In certain states in america they have specific police forces that deal in animal offenders. They get prison sentences for the abuse of animals. My love for animals comes from my very core and I would do anything to try and protect them. Who is there voice if we are not. Let us be their voice and sign the petition if you really love animals then have a heart and show you care. Don't just talk about it do it.
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    As a carer for an Elderly Family member I have put my Life on Hold,as have so many people around this beautiful country of Ireland,I feel that we are Forgotten about when it comes to a basic standard off living,I,m on call 24/7 365 days a year and have to survive on 1.27euros an hour,If it was,nt for so many loyal Carers the health service would implode.When you hear talk off the minimum wage please take a look at the carers Allowance.Just treat us fairly!.
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  • Secondary School Transport
    There is a severe shortage of spaces for secondary school kids in rural Ireland and CIE refuses to sanction extra buses to meet the demand
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  • Change the rules so that lone parents can go to college
    I and other lone parents like me want the opportunity to go to college and break the cycle of poverty for myself and my daughter. But without being able to access the Back to Education Allowance this is not possible. I have been offered a place in Trinity College but can't take the offer because I work part time and rely on FIS. The rules were changed last year and are forcing lone parents to remain in poverty.
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    Created by Erica Fleming