To: AIB CEO Colin Hunt

Keep cash services in : AIB Adare

Keep cash services in : AIB Adare

Stop the rollback of cash services in AIB bank branches in our local area.

Why is this important?

AIB is moving 70 of their branches to cashless banking. [1] Not only will going cashless mean no notes, coins, cheques, foreign exchange, bank drafts - it will remove any drop safes, night safes and ATMs outside.

This is going to cause huge hardship for many people - especially older and vulnerable people, local businesses, people who don’t have access to the internet.

The greed and recklessness of banks, including AIB bosses, played a crucial role in bringing about the financial crash. [2] Homes were repossessed by banks, families lost their incomes, young and not-so-young people were forced to emigrate, businesses had to close.

We cannot stand by while our majority state-owned bank hurts our communities again.



Adare, County Limerick, Ireland

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