• Insurance Help For Thatched Cottages
    Thatched houses are an essential part of Irish heritage and as such they need to be cherished for the future. Without insurance how can they be protected? And how can young people purchase them when house insurance is essential before drawing down a mortgage?
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    Created by Mary Mc Donnell
  • STOP Irish Government paying €200 to the wealthy and focus this money to families most in need.
    Spend this money on people who really need it - Mothers who can't afford to feed their children nutritious meals, elderly who can't afford to heat their homes. Lone parents who live below the poverty line. RICH PEOPLE don't need €200.
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    Created by Marie Moloney
  • Legal Support for possession proceedings on homes
    Over 200,000 of our fellow citizens potentially may lose their home or, at best, continue to spend years in Court at great cost to their health and well being.
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    Created by Ben Hoey
  • Amend the HAP in Ireland
    The HAP scheme is majorly flawed and using the private rental market as a replacement for social housing is damaging the rental market for all, even those not receiving assistance.
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    Created by Julieanne Doyle
  • End unfair treatment of Special Needs Teenagers
    I am calling on the Minister for Disabilities Anne Rabbitte TD to end the unfair treatment of special needs teenagers who are forced to transition from their much-needed Domiciliary Care Allowance to Disability Allowance whilst still in education. This is both unfair and discriminatory. I would value your help in raising this matter in the Dáil Éireann I am the father of two boys on the Autism spectrum, because of their lifelong medical conditions they qualify for Domiciliary Care Allowance, which is a monthly payment for a child aged under 16 with a severe disability. The child must need ongoing care and attention substantially over and above that usually needed by a child of the same age. It is not means tested. This is very useful to fund the myriad of expenses that result in providing them the best possible care and also seek private options for support removed by the state. My eldest boy is 14 and just started secondary school. I hope and pray he remains in education as long as possible but when he turns 16 under the current legislation in Ireland, he loses his Domiciliary Care Allowance and has to apply himself as an adult in his own right for Disability Allowance . Disability Allowance is a means-tested payment for people with disabilities who as a result of their disability are substantially restricted in undertaking work that would otherwise be suitable for a person of their age, experience and qualifications. As any parent of a child with special needs will tell you their condition does not magically disappear over night and the process of applying for any support is both time consuming and a traumatic experience. Many children with disabilities are denied Disability Allowance while still in education because they are deemed fit for work and available for work which they cannot undertake due to still being at school.! This denial of support results in an increase in child poverty and removes the ability of many to fund additional resources which the state is not providing. A worrying trend is also becoming clear, with many applications being denied Disability allowance at first in the hope the appeal process will put off them reapplying. This is a cynical money-making exercise Please can you show your support to highlight this unfair treatment of some of the weakest in our society. Thank you for your help and Support
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    Created by John Joe McGinley
  • No Gaming Machines in Sligo Town
    To reduce gambling addiction & not add more temptation for vulnerable people to a town in the North West of Ireland already struggling to reduce social deprivation, reduce crime , reduce drugs ....
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    Created by Caroline Flynn
  • Equal rights, proper pay and national job discription for Health Care Assistants and carers
    As I am both a health care assistant and help my partner with her parents who need full time care, she only gets €109 a week which is shambolic for all she does and saves the country like all other carers who look after their children, parents, and young adults with disabilities, they need more support as medication, treatment and other outgoings are very expensive and it is unrealistic to expect these people to live on such a small allowance.
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    Created by Brendan Gallagher
  • Trade Unionists for an All Ireland 'Zero Covid' Strategy
    Repeated attempts to "live" with COVID-19 and to "balance lives and livelihoods" have failed, manifesting in the Governments in both Dublin and Stormont putting commercial interests ahead of the health of their people. We feel at this point there is surely no other game in town. We have been told repeatedly by public health experts that we cannot put all of our eggs in one (vaccine) basket. It is now time for the the trade union movement to act as the vehicle to deliver the utmost focus on public health and cooperation that is required from both administrations. We are calling on the Executives of ICTU and NIC-ICTU to formally adapt the 'Zero Covid' position and to use all of the tools at its disposal to bring the respective administrations in line.
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    Created by TU Zero Covid
  • Refund Student Fees 2020/21
    Across Ireland, students are struggling to adapt to online learning. Even those with decent broadband and working computers are reporting difficulty keeping up and paying attention. Pre-recorded lectures with little interaction leave lecturers seeming even less approachable than before, courses which previously had time allocated to practical sessions now have significantly less or none at all. All of this, on top of the loneliness that students are facing as they remain isolated from their peers, has resulted in a massive decline in the quality of our education. We are left feeling like we are paying for the opportunity to teach ourselves. This is unacceptable. All this when the Republic of Ireland has the highest student contribution fee in the EU, with our peers in the North paying even more. The current measures that have been taken by the government to aid this situation, the free laptop scheme and €250 refund, are welcome but simply not enough. Students who paid for accommodation, only to learn that all their classes would online, deserve better. Students who are teaching themselves and feel as if they’re attending “YouTube University” deserve better. Students without strong broadband who are forced to rely on mobile data deserve better. Many of the facilities that our fees are supposed to be paying for are closed, while we still pay the same amount as last year. We demand a full refund of fees this year, and that the Department of Further and Higher Education begin to seriously consider the abolition of tuition fees. Education is a human right, and it’s high time it is treated as such. After signing this petition please share your online learning story with #WhatAmIPayingFor, and don’t forget to tag Simon Harris, Micheál Martin, the Department of Further and Higher Education and your local TDs! After you've done that, we encourage you to join catuireland.org, a tenant & community action union that's taking on landlords who are taking the piss. Finally, we're organising an open Zoom meeting to discuss further campaigns, actions and occupations that can take place to fight for our fees. Join us on the 3rd of December at 6 pm here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUvceCorz4rGdcVB0A01oKRAGT6wtOte2Hj
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    Created by Andrew Duffy
  • Stop Smith Toys Using Plastic Bags
    Shocking amount of unnecessary single use plastic bags being used, bad. Are they paying the levy for all these bags? It would be very easy to switch to brown paper bags(similar to TK maxx) for most of their
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    Created by Carina Fitzgerald
  • No reduction to Covid19 €350 payment
    The Pandemic Universal Payment of €350 per week for all those who lost their income as a result of the Covid19 crisis was a welcome move by the caretaker government and an admission that the current social welfare rates and their previously proposed €203 payment were wholly inadequate. Currently the payment is set to run until 19 June. The payment needs to stay in place until the end of the current health emergency and until the full recovery of employment lost as a result of the pandemic. Any attempt to "taper off" the payment, as recently suggested by Minister Paschal Donohoe, may result in people being pushed back into a workplace before it is safe and financially punish them for a loss of income that was completely out of their control. The current payment does not cover all those who lost income as a result of the crisis. Many of those who work in the gig economy or in precarious employment were deemed ineligible because they were not working on or after 6 March. Both Over 66s and Under 18s who were working prior to the crisis were also deemed ineligible. The payment should be expanded to include these workers. The rate of €350 is an unofficial admission by the caretaker government that the current social welfare rates are wholly inadequate and rates for all social welfare payments including those on state pensions, disability and job seeker payments should now be increased to €350 per week. These measures should be taken as a first step towards creating a Universal Basic Minimum Payment to eradicate poverty in Irish society.
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    Created by Richard Boyd Barrett
  • Minimum wage should be a living wage.
    It raises quality of life for everyone; with more adequate living standards for the many people that are now barely surviving on a very unjust minimum wage that puts 'gross' profit before human individuals, families and communities whose welfare is the very cornerstone of our society in the first place.
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    Created by Michael Kelleher