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To: Dairy producers, Avonmore, Dublin daries, Glanbia

Return to glass milk bottles

We need them to stop using plastic bottles for milk. Single use plastic is killing our planet. The plastic containers are not being recycled properly. The recycling companies are shipping the waste to china which gives our milk a huge carbon foot print. Instead we need to return to glass bottles. That we return to the producers either through our milk men or the supermarkets where the bottles can be sterilised and reused. This will reduce our plastic waste. There should be a small discount to customers who return their clean glass bottles to the company as an incentive.

Why is this important?

The plant can not sustain our use of plastic. Plastic is a by product of fossil fuel which is not renewable. Our oceans are polluted by millions of tons of plastic which are nit recycled properly. With bin charges goin up on the general public more and more plastic waste is finding its way to landfill and the seas. In order for our planet to survive we must return to the use of glass bottles..

How it will be delivered

Glanbia / avonmore


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