To: Irish Government

No Mass Harvesting of Seaweed on Coastline from Mayo to Clare

No Mass Harvesting of Seaweed on Coastline from Mayo to Clare

Don't issue a private Canadian company the license to mechanically harvest seaweed on 20% of the Irish Coastline from Clare to Mayo.

Why is this important?

The government is supposed to reach a decision in April 2018 on whether or not to grant a license for the right to mechanically harvest seaweed to a private Canadian company. The sale was complicated by a legality. The ownership of the right to harvest seaweed is currently under question. Traditionally local people, owned the rights to harvest seaweed and harvested it in a sustainable way. Mechanically harvesting seaweed is not environmentally sustainable and will have a serious impact on the ecology of the sea. Harvesting rights to seaweed belong to the people and should not be allowed to be sold off by the State for private profit. Seaweed is now a highly lucrative resource which should be harvested in a sustainable way for the benefit of the people of Ireland living now and for future generations.

Co. Clare, Co Galway, Co Mayo

Reasons for signing

  • Mechanical harvesting of seaweed will destroy the marine ecology of the coastline. The seaweed will not recover. This is not a 'sustainable' harvest.
  • Ireland has already given away it's oil and gas. We are giving away four billion euro per year of money we never owed to faceless bondholders. greates of all was the give-away of our fishing rights which has cost us hundreds of billions. It is time we got ourselves a bit of cop-on.
  • As a former Seaweed Harvester I know what it is like Mechanical Harvesting will not only destroy this naturally renewable resource but will also destroy the coastline


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