• Panti Bliss to present Shamrock to Trump
    It is important to try and send a strong and crystal clear message from as many people worldwide to show defiance against the tyrannical regime that seems to be infecting the United States of America.
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    Created by Make the world a nicer place
  • Michael D for the White House
    Enda will not stand up to Trump. He will embarrass the nation. Michael D Higgins on the other hand will eloquently represent us and honor our human values.
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    Created by Paudie Quirke
  • Dont let Irish Airports be used to enforce Trumps ban
    We are not racist, dont let Trump make us look like we are.
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    Created by Martin Malone
  • Shamrock for Trump: Not in my name
    Because sometimes taking a stand is more important than gaining a short-term benefit.
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    Created by Cornelius Traas
  • Pass Automatic Inquests for every maternal death in Ireland as a matter of urgency
    There are a number of reasons to get this through without wasting time: - UCC reported for the period between 2011 and 2013, a total of 27 maternal deaths.Of all these deaths, there were inquests for only three. - It matters very deeply to the families who have already lost a loved one. Some had to fight for 4 years to have an inquest; and they are still fighting this campaign to have the law changed. - It will help other families who in the future may find themselves in this dreadful situation; they would not have this added suffering at a time of intense grief. - It will save women's lives because if reasons are found for a death then changes can be made to prevent the same mistake being made again. We need everyone to sign this petition to the Minister for Justice demanding a guarantee that this legislation will get over the line as quickly as possible to help give all of us greater accountability from our maternity services
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    Created by Doreen Fitzmaurice
  • End Multiple Duplications of Garda Vetting
    Current Garda Vetting Practice is depriving communities all over Ireland of the irreplaceable leadership which can only be delivered by volunteers. It is generally accepted that the well-being of any community can be measured by the number of its volunteers.
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    Created by Patrick Haughey
  • Fair Deal Scheme To Be allowed for Home Care
    This is very important to my family and I. My mum has Alzheimer's and her condition is progressing fast. My mum would like to stay in her home for as long as she can. I want the scheme to be allowed for Home Care. Most people want to stay in their own homes. Like the saying home is were the heart is. We need to allow the elderly their dignity and if they want to stay at home they should be allowed to.
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    Created by Helen Barrett
  • Expand the investigation into Jonathan Sugarman's whistleblowing
    The billions of euro debt that were transferred to Irish citizens was and is a travesty due to inept administration. No one has been held accountable and the media in Ireland is stonewalling and obstructing Jonathan Sugarman's obligation to inform the Irish people.
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    Created by Greg Houlihan
  • Stop the giveaway sale of St. Senan's Hospital
    The HSE is selling off a substantial former hospital with 46 acres in Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford for a knockdown price -right in the middle of a housing crisis. It is unbelievable that one part of the public service is effectively giving away state property assets which could be used to assist in alleviating the housing emergency by donating it to the local authority / Dept of Environment for housing. The aim of this campaign is twofold: 1. Withdraw the property from sale with immediate effect 2. For the Dept of Environment to take control of the asset and to investigate the best use of the property for housing use. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/commercial-property/hse-puts-st-senan-s-psychiatric-hospital-on-market-at-780-000-1.2930239
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    Created by Timo Lynch
  • Constitutionalise Economic Social and Cultural Rights
    Irish society is fractured, unfair and insecure because successive governments has been unwilling to incorporate economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights into domestic law, which would force government to deliver policies that tackle poverty, provide housing, control rents, bring healthcare to everybody and guarantee a decent income for everyone. It’s pretty obvious that Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister Frances Fitzgerald have no interest in human rights measures that would oblige government to address social injustice. So, homelessness, exploitative rents and crippling mortgages are set to continue and the likelihood that your parents or grandparents will end up on a hospital trolley after devoting their life to building this nation will endure. Almost a third of the population will still be unable to afford essential items such as heating, a warm coat or an adequate meal. Yet these abominations are infinitely solvable within our existing resources - we are after all, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Are we going to put up with this? Are we prepared to let things that were hard fought for - healthcare, affordable housing, a decent income – slip away, so wealthy people can be even wealthier? It doesn’t have to be so. Ireland has signed and ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights but has failed to incorporate the Covenant into domestic law, claiming that economic, social and cultural matters are for government to decide. Yet governments have consistently failed to address poverty, homelessness and other situations arising from an absence of enforceable ESC rights. Thomas Pringle will introduce a Private Member’s Bill in the coming months proposing a referendum to strengthen constitutional protection of ESC rights in accordance with the recommendations of the Convention on the Constitution. With your support we can make this happen. Please indicate your support by putting your name to this demand. Be part of this human rights campaign. Together we can make it happen!
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    Created by Aiden Lloyd
  • Implement the evacuation plan for Aleppo
    Civilians must be evacuated and afforded safe passage out of Aleppo. Our leaders must ensure the UN plan for evacuation is implemented.
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    Created by Clodagh King
  • SAVE GMIT Mayo. Protect its funding.
    The GMIT Mayo campus is one of the foundation stones on which our community is built on. And has been since it first opened its doors in 1994. We must protect this vital resource for all the current students and the thousands of local and visiting students that could pass through its doors in the future.
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    Created by Bren Red