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To: Bernie Sanders

Petition to persuade Bernie Sanders to give public speech in Dublin on June 4th/5th

Petition to persuade Bernie Sanders to give public speech in Dublin on June 4th/5th

We want Bernie to give a speech to the thousands of people who could not get tickets to his speech that sold out in 1 minute. His voice is needed now more than ever.

Why is this important?

Bernie is giving a speech on June 4th which sold out after 1 minute. There are thousands of people who are willing to pay to hear him speak, to hear a voice for the people. Someone who stands up for the environment, all people and the planet as a whole. My hope is that hearing Bernie speak could spark the revolution that is needed in Ireland so we can transform our country and go back to the values it was founded on.

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Unfortunately tickets sold out very fast to his talk, a testament to his popularity and the need for a public event here. A joint rally with the Social Democrats would be a good fit!
  • I would love to hear him speak live. The world has never needed men of peace and vision like Bernie more than we do now. He's an inspiration.
  • I would like Bernice Sanders discuss the Irish State giving public funded assets to pvt co/church for past 100 yr. It doesn't make financial sense to not own on our balance sheet. Currently State is investing public/our money to build two hospitals - NationalMaternityHospital & Childrens hispital for €2+bln and then pay for ongoing costs to run them BUT doesn't own them. Doesn't make sense! Our PM and health minister will not listen to the people. Help us pls! !


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