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To: Margaret Heffernan, Dunnes Stores CEO

Tell Us Where Our Clothes Come From Dunnes Stores!

A clothes hanger with text, 'Whatcha Hiding Dunnes.'

Publish information on their website regarding the ethics of their clothes sourcing, answering these questions:

1. Where are your clothes manufactured?

2. Are you using sustainable fabrics?

3. Are your suppliers independently audited?

4. Do those manufacturing your clothes receive a living wage or even a minimum wage?

5. What are the maximum working hours of the garment workers that make your clothes?

6. How are you making your supply chain more sustainable?

7. What is your ethical code of conduct?

Why is this important?

Fashion chains are responsible for ensuring their workers are paid living wages, work in a safe environment and receive sufficient rest periods between work.

However, fast fashion chains like Primark and H&M are notorious for sourcing their clothes from factories that provide none of the above. Dunnes Stores has a similar fast fashion model, yet unlike many other large retailers, has no information on its website regarding where it's clothes come from and how their garment workers are treated. The Clean Clothes Campaign estimates that garment workers in India and Bangladesh are paid, on average, 2-5 times less than is needed to live with dignity.

Poor working conditions also endanger the lives of workers. In the case of the 2013 collapse of the Dhaka garment factory in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh, over 1,000 people died due to shockingly poor implementation of building safety standards. Some of Dunnes' clothes are made in Bangladesh yet it was one of the few retailers who failed to sign the Fire and Safety Accord in 2013 to improve factory conditions in the country.

The sustainability of fast fashion retailers is also coming under increased scrutiny as the climate crisis accelerates. The fashion industry produces 10% of the world's carbon emissions. Two key factors in this are clothes waste caused by excess production and use of unsustainable fabrics. Retailers like Dunnes must take responsibility for sustainably and ethically sourcing the clothes they sell. If not, we as consumers must hold them responsible for the sake of our future.


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