Stop The unfair trading practices of PHECC

We want PHECC to reverse the ban on advertising and to meet with first aid instrutors. we want higher standards, training for the public which is at a reasonable cost and we want more transparency and competitiveness from our public body. We want fair treatment for the many not the few

Why is this important?

pre hospital emergency care council will be the only accreditation body for first aid in the workplace.
They are preventing qualified instructors from advertising this service. PHECC instructors are nurses , fire fighters , medical technicians and paramedics but Now PHECC are forcing them out of the market to the benefit of a select few larger companies.
First aid instructors help us to save lives and PHECC wants to force us into unfair contracts without agreeing payment structures and without any rights as employees such as holiday pay or sick pay.
Higher costs for life saving training will cost lives and will harm the public as a whole.
Please sign our petition- we need life saving training of the highest standard available and accessible to all people not just the privileged few.