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To: Irish government and Citizens advice

Save Citizen Information services in Killaloe Ballina

Keep the citizen advice service at killaloe Ballina family resource centre

Why is this important?

It’s with alarming concert that we the community of killaloe & Ballina hear that the local weekly citizens advice service had been suspended due to unforeseen circumstances. The community of killaloe & Ballina have a population of over 4,500 residents and the service had been in situ for well over 10 years providing free information advice support and Advocacy. We the community of Killaloe & Ballina value that weekly citizens information (CIC) service and wish to emphasise the importance of it, in supporting and addressing our complex queries. We have sign this petition to highlight the importance of keeping this service open in Killaloe to meet the needs of our community and to especially provide a face to face service to those that are marginalised and unable to get to Limerick or Nenagh Citizens information centers offices.

Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland

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