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Don't turn Newtownabbey into the dirty corner of Northern Ireland

In light of the fact that no combined study has been carried out on the health impacts to residents, of massive incinerator complex and an enormous pig factory/farm of 17,500 animals - in an area already known for poor air quality, we are asking Antrim and Newtownabbey Council to request a Judicial Review on our behalf.

Why is this important?

The planning committee have a duty to represent ratepayers and seek to establish if these are unlawful decisions. These decisions may be unlawful if there has been no study of the combined health impacts on the people living in the area. Downwind, and in the six miles between these two developments, lie the homes of tens of thousands of people, as well as recreational water bodies, holiday sites and the shores of Belfast Lough. The human cost of poor air quality is huge causing the deaths of more people per year, in Northern Ireland, than passive smoking or road accidents combined and costing the NHS over £20 billion per year. (1) At a time when the World Health Organisation are saying that the greater Belfast area air already exceeds safe levels by 20% we deserve a cumulative health impact study before any further work proceeds. (2) Read more on FB @Stop the Newtownabbey Pig Factory & Stop Hightown Waste Incinerator

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