To: Coillte and the local government

Keep Lough Key Forest Park In Public Ownership

Keep Lough Key Forest Park In Public Ownership

Don't allow any more sales of Coillte forests including Lough Key Forest Park Boyle Co Roscommon. All Coillte forests must be kept in public ownership. Already Castle Island (The Rock) Uná Bhán's birth place which was given to the state by the Mc Dermot family fir the people of Ireland but is now in private hands as are other parts or buildings on Lough Key (traded by Coillte). There was attempt to sell out the Coillte forests to China,just a few years back.Bad enough to try this but to do so with a country with poor,environmental,animal and human rights violations is completely unacceptable. The coniferous forests whilst ecologically insensitive to the soil and waters,(its needle leaves sequester acidic ions from the air which in turn increase the acidity of soils and receiving surface waters) they are major carbon capture- storage land banks and any further further land use change must have this in mind.A mature commercial coniferous tree, will produce a 1to 2 tons of oxygen,(broadleaf tree 3-5)and absorb the same carbon in a lifetime. At the same time increased Broadleaf trees plantation must form the sustainable management plan in the future.This petition sets out to achieve this and to halt further expansion of unsuitable,private investor led 'honey-pot' development - please support by signing the petition today.

Why is this important?

Lough Key Forest Park is a national treasure and must at all costs be kept in public ownership. We're really worried that plans are afoot to sell it or part off, similar to what happened at Newcastle Forest where publicly owned land of which we the Irish people are the stakeholders of was leased to a foreign private company for profit gain.

A Plan for Reforestation has recently been launched by the Government so it might be more sustainable ecologically and commercially to provide employment for people anxious to work locally in this plan instead of private investors taking over theses amenities.

How it will be delivered

To the relevant authorities and the Minister and the President.

Lough Key Forest Park, Roscommon, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • It's a national treasure and we're being sold out from under.
  • These places belong to the Irish people, not corporate interests. This must surely be illegal!!!
  • My husband & I have wonderful memories of lough key with our kids since they were little when it was just a forest with a simple playground,tunnels to explore & the magical fairy bridge ...please keep it that way


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a cairde go leir -thanks to all of you stakeholders of our built and natural heritage.You have sent a clear signal to our most senior politicians who are leading the charge in the the sale or lease of these invaluable assets for 'narrow' gain.We hope they are listening to the people for a change with this petition that is gaining in momentum -forward, strike the marching tune......

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Dear supporters - Lough Key Forest Park " a landscape of high amenity" !!. The Rock of Lough Cé or Castle Island site is the location of the origin of the tragedy as told in the 'high' air Gaelic love song of the same Title Úna Bhán (Fair Una).It has been an inspiration to artists such as Mary O'Hara -Harpist and Mezzo Soprano and David THOMSON author of Woodbrook.It was given to the State by Úna Bhán's descendants the Mc Dermot family "for the people"and this is enshrined in law.
Further to that, the setting of Lough Key Forest Park is of a 'pastoral' quality and it is paramount that it too is preserved.Noise is an insidious form of disturbance, the effects(on the receptors such as the wildlife and people) of which, last long after the event.Lastly we need to protect our trees and water quality of Lough Key Forest Park .Ian Hester Director -for and on behalf of Uisce Domhan Water World Europe Ltd.

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