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To: Dáil Éireann

Reject the Eviction Bill

Reject the Planning & Development (Housing) & Residential Tenancies Bill 2016 - the Eviction Bill.
We are in the grips of the worst housing crisis Ireland has seen in a century. The government should not facilitate evictions, vulture funds or unregulated development.

Why is this important?

This bill will facilitate evictions, increase the power of landlords to evict tenants, & allow developers to build without any real regulation or consultation.

What the Bill will do:
- Give landlords the right to evict tenants if they feel they could charge more to new tenants.
- Allow landlords to evict households who have been in their home and community for over 4 years with no extended notice.
- Increase homelessness and put almost 25% of the population under constant threat of eviction.
- Allow An Bord Pleanála to privately develop plans with private developers without public consultation. This will lead to unsuitable, untenable and unfinished housing developments nationwide.
- Allow for developers to be compensated by up to €10,000 if their planning applications are delayed - an obscene waste of public money.

We are in the grips of the worst housing crisis Ireland has seen in a century. However, there are 5,000 empty homes across South Dublin alone. This bill does nothing to tackle the problem of vacant properties, which affects every part of the country.

This Bill directly steals from the pockets of a public struggling to keep their homes, to give to private developers and landlords.
This Bill is an obscene affront to the most basic right to a home, and is an insult to the thousands of families and individuals homeless and living on the streets and in cramped hotel rooms nationwide.


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