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To: Department of education

Support E-learning for kids during a pandemic

OK, let's make this straight! Nobody, I mean nobody wants children return to school as much as their parents, trust me!!! In my opinion it is definitely better for their mental health and social abilities when they are in school! Online learning is just no comparison to in person learning, without a doubt!
But, yes, there's always a but!
Unfortunately, we're in a pandemic! Probably the worst one in the past 100years! It is not easy to be the decision maker in any country at this very moment, we get that! You want to open the schools by the end of the month, for the sick of our economy and better education of the children, fair enough.
But, here's that but again. How about kids with underlined health problems? How about parents with health issues? How about all the teachers? How about kids living in 3 generation household? How about the parents who are just simply do not want put their children and themselves at risks during a world pandemic??? There's no one solution for all, and they say you can't keep everyone happy! True, and fair. The only thing is, there is a way! And you can keep almost everyone happy!
Here it is!
Open schools, so whoever want to and happy to send their children back to school, do so. At the meantime, let the teachers who has underlined conditions to teach online, so all students can keep up with their education without having to put themself or their love ones at risks! Government should also set up support programs on TV like the Teaching hub during the lockdown. So everyone will have a choice! So people do not have to choose between the education of their children or taking a chance to get infected by this deadly virus! If we know we're in this for a long time, why can't we do this? There is no better time for the government to do this because it is the start of a school year! All classes are starting from the very beginning!
At the end of the day, we all know, at some stage, some county, in some school, some children and teachers will get it, from somewhere. Yes, children may get it milder than adults, but the younger patient end up in the ICU rates is 1 out of 3, it is as high as adults! Also, they may get it mild, they still need someone to look after them when they are sick, as contagious as Covid is, who is going to look after the parents when we get it from our children??? It is a very small country and there is no such thing is outbreak in one school, and our health system simply can not afford any school outbreaks!
Open the school the right way, give people choice, give people a chance to get through this hard time and give Ireland a safer autumn/winter!!!
Protect our children, protect each other so we can protect our Ireland!
If you agree, please share!
Stay safe everyone! Love ❤️

Why is this important?

Keep our kids safe, keep ourselves safe so we can keep our Ireland safe!!!


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