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BRING the UNCRPD TO IRELAND NOW! Legal Capacity = Right to be HUMAN

BRING the UNCRPD TO IRELAND NOW! Legal Capacity = Right to be HUMAN

Please sign to COMMENCE the UNCRPD in Ireland now! Ireland have SIGNED it in 2007, RATIFIED it in 2018, BUT it does not take effect until it is COMMENCED by the Irish Government, they will not tell us WHEN!

Why is this important?

The UNCRPD (United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities), is a human rights instrument with a social development dimension. It reaffirms that all persons with all types of disabilities must enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms.
You, me and our loved ones are very likely to acquire a disability at some point in our lives.
To make decisions for yourself is WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN.
No government or organisation should be able to remove these rights because we have not signed the UNCRPD, but this is occurring in Ireland today. This is hidden and happening each and EVERY DAY that we deny ourselves the rights under the UNCRPD.
Please help remove the medieval Ward of Court System in this country now by making the government COMMENCE the long overdue UNCRPD.


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