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To: The community, local council,local councilors and the Government

Traffic problems in Foxford County Mayo

In Foxford Co.Mayo, the lack of planning and research which went into implementing the new zebra crossing and pelican crossing has made the problem worse. This had resulted in both drivers and
pedestrian not using the services. Both have been placed in very dangerous stretches of the road and drives cannot see them unless they are very near. Schools children instead of using the crossings instead run across the road for convenience.Hopefully I aim to fix or change these problems by moving the crossing and lights.And also to ease the congestion caused around the schools during school hours.To do this I wish for a new one way lay out to be implemented.All of these issues affect each other and if one was solved it would help the others

Why is this important?

It is important because I feel the cost and construction of the crossings could have and should have been put to better use. I feel that a one-way system around secondary school would have solved the problem and would have cost less, it is also important because it puts the safety of drivers and school children on the line and since they have been constructed one fatal accident has occurred at the location.
Finally, it is important for those with authority to focus on smaller projects which would benefit communities more instead of larger un-necessary projects which cost more money.

Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland

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