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To: All TD's in Dail Eireann

Support the Sex Education Bill

Support the Sex Education Bill

Support the Sex Education Bill

Why is this important?

The Sex Education Bill will deliver:

Factual, objective and scientific sex education for all schools regardless of religious ethos
Consent and sexual harassment issues being part of the curriculum
LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education
Sex education that is not gender normative and teaches about all genders
Education on abortion in factual and objective way
Education on all forms of contraception

Reasons for signing

  • It is time for proper sex education so that young people can make informed choices and understand consent.
  • Irish people usually begin sexual experimentation in school with their only guidance being the unrealistic and abusive messages provided by fictional media and pornography. We need factual information to prepare our younger generations for the reality of sexuality.
  • The lack of sex education is directly related to misogyny in Irish society


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