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To: All Fianna Fáil TD's

Support a referendum to stop water privatisation

Support a referendum to prevent privatisation of our water system.

Why is this important?

A decision is imminent on the Bill to insert into the Constitution an amendment which would rule out any future privatisation of water, or water services.
Forty TDs have signed the Bill including Independents4Change, Sinn Fein, AAA/PBP and a number of independent TD’s. A number of others including the Green Party, the Labour Party and the Social Democrats have said publicly that they would support a referendum on public ownership of our water, so the Bill has a real chance of passing.
However, this Bill will only pass if supported by Fianna Fail.

We are calling on all TD's to prove they oppose water privatisation by supporting the Bill.

At this very moment in time, any government, including the current one, could legislate to sell off our public water system. Furthermore, even if a government did not want to sell off our water, the EU, IMF or ECB could force the sale in the future – like they did in Greece and Portugal – so we have to protect our vital public water system now!

The devastating impacts of water privatization have been felt all around the world. In the UK, one in four people are now experiencing water poverty. In the US, Rome and parts of France, tens of thousands are having their water shut off. We can prevent much of this by putting ownership of our water in the Constitution.

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