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To: Lotus Property

Stop the Demolition of Havelock House

Stop the demolition of Havelock House, currently planned for January, even before the public part of their consultation has begun.

Why is this important?

In November 2023, Lotus Property brought Havelock House from Olympian Homes with the aim of using its site for a social housing development for Clanmil Housing.

Olympian had made two failed attempts to demolish Havelock House, which were rejected by the local community and Belfast City Council.

​After buying the building, Lotus and Clanmil promised that community concerns would be listened to and there would be proper consultation on the proposed development.

Lotus managing director, Alastair Coulson, said that:

"The next 12 weeks will be about listening to stakeholders and local communities about these draft plans. We look forward to hearing all views and considering them in our plans."

​But within two weeks, Lotus and Clanmil had sent in contractors to strip out Havelock House with the aim of demolishing in January, even before the public part of their consultation began.

Havelock House is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known cultural landmarks. Originally a Victorian linen factory, the building then saw service during World War II as accommodation for soldiers and was most recently the home of UTV.

The local community played a key role in overturning the previous plans to demolish Havelock House. Lotus Property's rushed demolition must stop, until the promised community consultation takes place.

Northern Ireland, UK

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