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Simon Harris Resign Without Pension

Simon Harris should resign and be denied a Ministerial Pension. Firstly, he is only 32. And more importantly he is the worst Minister for Health we have ever had.
Examples of the disasters in his tenancy below.
1. Hospital trolley crises
2. Near on one million people on waiting lists to see consultants
3. Cervical smear scandals
4. Children's Hospital overspend
5. Disrespecting the health service and the people who work in it and for it by not providing the support and attention they need to carry out a service to the Irish community.
6. One nurse to 11 patients is not good enough, it is neither safe nor comfortable to work in this way.
7. His party FGs funding of an EU Army otherwise known as PESCO is going to cost €1 billion in 2019, €1 billion going on an Army we said NO to when we voted on Lisbon and when we have a health service that is collapsing for want of funding?
8. His party FGs increasing of VAT on health supplements will only make more people ill.
9. His continued support of artificial water fluoridation with HFSA even though it is absolutely proven to be a neurotoxin, so not good for your long term health.

Why is this important?

Our health service is failing with him as minister more than any other before.

WE also need investment in hospital services and decent pay for those working within them, this includes nurses (who are the footsoldiers of the HSE and we should do all we can to retain the Irish talent and not export it, as it stands nurses can't afford to pay rent, food and travel to and from work on what they are paid, we should give them a salary that would ensure they want to stay, work and live here in Ireland).

Simon Harris needs to go. He has no interest in any of the above. He has been nothing but arrogant and in denial. If he won't listen he should go and not get a pension for all of his failures.

Please share and maybe we can get rid of him as a failed Minister of Health.

How it will be delivered

I will deliver the petition to an opposition leader health spokesperson to be read out in Dail Eireann.


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