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To: The Heath Minister Robin Swann MLA

Public Inquiry into Systemic Abuse at Muckamore Abbey Hospital

Implement a full & effective Public Inquiry into the systemic failures resulting in abuse, inhumane and degrading treatment of patients in the care of Muckamore Abbey Hospital.

Why is this important?

This is the largest adult safeguarding investigation in the UK of its kind. The PSNI has examined CCTV footage and has so far established that there have been more than 1500 criminal assaults on patients in a 6 bed ward in a time period of 6 months.

Two weeks ago yet another staff member was sacked from the hospital for abuse on a patient. The abuse is continuing.

There can be no tolerance of abuse and it is critical that the individuals and institutions responsible should be held to account. That includes those who were directly responsible for the abuses but crucially also, the institutions and individuals responsible for systemic failures or whose action or inaction otherwise permitted the abuse to occur.
These people were in the care of the state and are amongst the most vulnerable in society.
Northern Ireland, UK

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